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European Court acquits Greece of 300 mln euro fine over pastures

Panos - Feb 18, 2020

The European Court decided on Monday to cancel a European Commission's decision to impose a 300 million euro fine on Greece over pastures. The fine concerned the…

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Tsipras govt ‘volte-face’ on appointing high court justices before July 7 elex; requests consensus from Mitsotakis, ND

Panos - May 31, 2019

The SYRIZA government's justice minister on Thursday addressed a letter to main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis calling for consensus by the latter's center-right party…

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High court prosecutor intervenes in N17 terrorist’s furlough request; overturns previous rejection

Panos - May 20, 2019

The head of the supreme court prosecutor's office on Friday evening overturned a ruling, issued the previous week by a regional judicial council, that had rejected a…

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High court rejects near-Athens shopping mall’s motion to open on Sundays between May and Oct.

Panos - Mar 21, 2019

A Council of State (CoS) decision this week rejected a motion by a discount shopping mall on the edges of the greater Athens area to remain open…

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Trial of «Bulgarian Escobar» begins in Thessaloniki

Panos - Jan 30, 2019

A Thessaloniki felony court tried on Monday the first out of five pending drug trafficking cases brought against Bulgarian national Ognian Atanasov. All five cases concern actions…

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Former head of top defense ministry dept. handed 22-year sentence for bribery, money laundering

Panos - Dec 13, 2018

A former general secretary of the defense ministry's one-time armaments directorate, which in the past oversaw major weapons systems procurements by the Greek state, was handed down…

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Appeals court frees woman serving 10yr sentence for falsifying grade school diploma, pending supreme court review

Panos - Nov 29, 2018

A five-justice appellate court in the central city of Larissa on Wednesday suspended the incarceration of a 53-year-old former municipal janitor serving a 10-year prison sentence on…

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Bakari Henderson killing: 7 to face retrial over brutal beating death of American in Greece

Panos - Nov 28, 2018

A prosecutor in Greece has ordered the retrial of seven suspects on murder charges over the fatal beating of Texan tourist Bakari Henderson on an island resort…

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High court: Monasteries in Greece must pay tax on properties; places of worship, charitable uses excluded

Panos - Nov 07, 2018

Orthodox monasteries in Greece are obliged to pay property taxes (ENFIA) for properties they own, excluding ones used as places of worship or for charitable purposes, a…

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High court prosecutor order preliminary probe into claims contained in a suit by former FM Kotzias’

Panos - Nov 06, 2018

A supreme court prosecutor has ordered a preliminary investigation stemming from a "fictitious defendants" lawsuit filed by former foreign minister Nikos Kotzias last week, over what the…

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Prosecutor recommends guilty verdict against defendants in Bakari Henderson death

Panos - Oct 31, 2018

A prosecutor on the Ionian island of Zakynthos on Tuesday proposed a guilty verdict against nine defendants charged with homicide in the death of US tourist Bakari…

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Court seized Dutch assets of Russian Gazprom to pay $2 million to Ukrainian state energy company

Panos - Jun 05, 2018

Ukraine’s state energy group Naftogaz had asked Swiss courts to enforce the ruling A court has seized the Dutch assets of Russian energy group Gazprom to pay…

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Reports: High court upholds 3rd memorandum-era law cutting social security benefits

Panos - May 14, 2018

A legal against a landmark law passed by the Tsipras coalition government that is mainly aimed to cut social insurance expenditures by the state has reportedly been…

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Greek court says e-cigarettes do not differ from traditional smoking

Panos - Apr 02, 2018

A top Greek court has decided that electronic cigarettes should have the same legal restrictions as traditional smoking does when it comes to bans in public places…

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World Bank: 600,000 Court Cases Stuck in Greek Legal Limbo

Panos - Jan 30, 2018

As anyone who has a case pending in court knows, Greek justice moves at a particularly slow pace. A World Bank report has confirmed the problem, revealing…

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Bomb explosion at the Athens Court of Appeals!

Panos - Dec 22, 2017

Anti-establishment organization “Rouvikonas” storm the Greek Parliament…again! (PHOTOS) A big explosion shook Athens at 3:25′. The explosion took place outside the Athens Court of Appeals on Lukareos…

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Maria Kotrotsou sues Greek state for abandoning her daughter Myrto

Panos - Dec 05, 2017

Maria Kotrotsou, the mother of Myrto, the teenage girl (20 now) who has been forced to live in a wheelchair for the past five and a half…

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Govt promises automatic prosecution for threats, disorderly behavior against notaries overseeing property auctions

Panos - Nov 09, 2017

The government on Wednesday promised to stiffen the law in Greece to allow the proprio motu (via law enforcement's own motion) prosecution of individuals on charges of…

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Greek Court Agrees To Send Cybercrime Suspect Sought By U.S. To Russia

Panos - Oct 12, 2017

A panel of judges in Greece on October 11 accepted Russia's request for the extradition of a Russian cybercrime suspect also being sought by the United States…

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Appellate level prosecutor recommends indictment against former Siemens Hellas chief; another 2 German executives on bribery charges

Panos - Aug 25, 2017

An appellate level prosecutor in Athens has recommended an indictment against former Siemens Hellas CEO Michalis Christoforatos on charges of bribery related to a massive contract for…