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Gov’t has ready the provisions for the total lifting of the capital controls

Panos - Aug 13, 2019

The specific provisions were drawn in collaboration with the Bank of Greece. At the same time, the Finance Ministry is getting prepared for the 4th post memorandum…

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Greece relaxes capital controls to prove worst of turmoil is over

Panos - Jun 04, 2018

Greece is to take a substantial step towards easing capital controls – restrictions associated with the worst days of economic crisis – as it prepares to exit…

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Capital Controls in Greece relaxed to €5,000 as of June 4

Panos - Jun 01, 2018

The capital control limit will be upped to €5,000 per month as of June 4, after the Greek Finance Ministry sent the relevant decision for publication in…

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Greek Finance Minister Signs Decree Easing Capital Controls

Panos - Nov 15, 2017

Tuesday's decision of the Greek finance minister was taken within the framework of the road map on the gradual relaxation of capital control measures, adopted by the…

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Greece Eases Capital Control Due to Economic Situation Improvement

Panos - Sep 01, 2017

The Greek government will further ease the country's capital restrictions, which have been in place since mid-2015, starting Friday, local media reported. Various media reported, citing the…

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Modification of capital controls, rather than relaxation, set for Friday

Panos - Aug 31, 2017

A further modification of capital controls in Euro zone member Greece - a continuing "byproduct" from shambolic negotiations with creditors in the first half of 2015 -…

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Stournaras: “The capital controls will soon be eased”

makis - Nov 10, 2016

The Governor of the Bank of Greece Yannis Stournaras revealed that the capital controls introduced in the summer of 2015 will soon be eased, according to an…

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Bank Officials Say Depositors Still Wary Due to Capital Controls

chris1 - Aug 21, 2016

Greeks are still not convinced that they can trust banks with their earnings, according to a recent report from the Bank of Greece (BoG). Not only are…

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Capital controls loosened in Greece: New deposits exempt

Panos - Jul 19, 2016

Institutional creditors on Monday evening reportedly gave the “green light” to a request by the finance ministry and the Bank of Greece (BoG) for a relaxation of…

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Greece could lift capital controls by year-end: bank association head

ilias1 - Jun 20, 2016

Greece could lift most or all capital controls imposed at the height of the euro zone crisis by the end of the year, the head of the…

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Stathakis planning the gradual lift of capital controls

makis - May 17, 2016

The Minister of Economy Giorgos Stathakis revealed that a government plan is being developed for the gradual lift of the capital controls. Mr. Stathakis made the revelation…

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No capital controls on ‘new money’

ilias1 - May 14, 2016

Separating “new money” flowing into Greece’s recapitalized banks from older deposits and excluding the former from capital controls has emerged in Brussels as a preferred course towards…

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Government considers exempting new deposits from capital controls

makis - May 13, 2016

Plans are being drafted in order to exclude new bank deposits from the capital controls which were imposed last summer, in an effort to boost domestic businesses…

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Oil price drop, capital controls resulted in decline in Greek exports last year

Sokratis - Feb 06, 2016

Exports contracted 5.1 percent last year to a total value of 25.8 billion euros, against 27.19 billion euros in 2014, according to Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) figures.…

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Capital controls: Weekly cash withdrawal limit set to increase

ilias1 - Jan 17, 2016

The capital controls in Greece are gradually being lifted, with a report in the Friday edition of the Avgi newspaper claiming that the weekly withdrawal limit is…