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Primary budget surplus over double the forecast for 10-month term

Panos - Nov 19, 2019

According to figures released today by Deputy Minister for Financial Policy Theodoros Skylakakis, the January-October 2019 primary surplus amounted to € 5.755 billion and was more than…

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Draft budget forecasts a 3.56% surplus of GDP

Panos - Oct 08, 2019

The primary surplus is forecast to be 3.56% of the GDP next year in the draft budget of 2020, according to a statement by Deputy Finance Minister…

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Greek state posts 1.46 bln€ primary budget surplus in Q1 2019

Panos - Apr 16, 2019

The Greek central government's primary budget surplus in the first quarter of 2019 reached 1.46 billion euros, far exceeding a target of a 960 budget deficit for…

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End-of-year tax obligations budgeted to bring in 2.8 bln€ to Greek state coffers

Panos - Dec 20, 2018

No less than nine tax and duty obligation deadlines expire on Dec. 31, 2018 for Greece's beleaguered taxpayers and recession-battered businesses, with the total sum budgeted for…

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Parliament passes 2019 draft budget, following another clash between PM and main opposition leader

Panos - Dec 19, 2018

Greece's closely scrutinized draft 2019 budget was passed by a majority of Parliament MPs on Tuesday evening, following a marathon debate and yet another acrimonious clash between…

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Greek budget: Revenues in Oct. 18 exceed target by 576 mln€

Panos - Nov 15, 2018

The monthly target for collecting state revenues was easily surpassed last month, October 2018, according to figures released on Wednesday by the finance ministry. Specifically, revenues reached…

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Budget execution: Income, property taxes fall short of targets for Jan-Sep period

Panos - Oct 25, 2018

The finance ministry on Wednesday announced shortfalls in terms of targets for collecting personal income tax and property taxes in Greece over the first nine-month period of…

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State, regular budget revenues miss targets for Sept. 2018; still above mark for 9-month period

Panos - Oct 16, 2018

State and regular budget revenues moved lower than prescribed targets in September 2018, with net revenues in this case reaching 5.36 billion euros, lower by 346 million…

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EP’s budget committee approves 34m Euro in EU aid to Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Lithuania

Panos - Aug 31, 2018

EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF) aid worth 34 million euro, to support reconstruction in Greece, Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria following natural disasters in 2017, was approved by the…

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Greek state exceeds primary budget surplus for Jan-May 2018 period five-fold

Panos - Jun 15, 2018

Greece posted another sizable primary budget surplus for the Jan-May 2018, exceeding the target for the period five-fold. The finance ministry announced that the primary budget surplus…

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Greek state exceeds primary Greek state exceeds primary budget surplus target for Q1 on the back of lower spendingsurplus target for Q1 on the back of lower spending

Panos - Apr 17, 2018

Provision data regarding the execution of the Greek state budget over the first quarter of the year revealed a primary budget surplus of 2.32 billion euros, far…

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Greek primary budget exceeds target in first two months of 2018

Panos - Mar 27, 2018

Greece posted a primary budget surplus of 2.75 billion euros in the first two months of 2018, beating a target of 1.3 billion euros, and up 28.9…

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2018 budget projects a 3.82% primary surplus

Panos - Nov 22, 2017

The new budget submitted in parliament on Tuesday projects growth of 1.6% this year and 2.5% in 2018, while unemployment is expected to drop from 19.9% this…

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New budget predicts 2% GDP primary surplus in 2017

makis - Nov 22, 2016

The Alternate Minister of Finance Giorgos Houliarakis submitted the ambitious budget for 2017 on Monday, which is scheduled to be voted upon in Parliament on Saturday 10…

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As festive budget shrinks food is a priority

makis - Nov 18, 2016

Greeks intend to spend the little money they have set aside for this festive season on food and entertainment, and not so much on presents, according to…

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Budget revenues miss target by 207 million euros

Sokratis - May 28, 2016

Tax revenues missed their budget target for the first four months of the year by 207 million euros, Finance Ministry figures showed on Friday, but the major…

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Primary budget surplus at 483 mln for Jan. 2016

Panos - Feb 26, 2016

Reduced state spending, by 483 million euros, resulted in a greater primary budget surplus target for January 2016. The cash balance surplus reached 1.073 billion euros, in…

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State budget net revenue 10.4% above targets in January

makis - Feb 15, 2016

The Ministry of Finances has announced that the State budget net revenue totaled 4.219 billion euros in January, up 10.4% from targets, while regular budget net revenue…