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Greece successfully auctioned six-month bonds
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Greece successfully auctioned six-month bonds

Panos - Jul 02, 2020

Greece auctioned successfully on Wednesday a six-month bond raising 812.5 million Euros from the market at a lower cost. The return of the issue was set at…

Greek 10-Y bonds reach record low at 1.53%
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Greek 10-Y bonds reach record low at 1.53%

Panos - Sep 06, 2019

Greece’s 10-year bond yields reached a historic low at 1.53 percent on Thursday September 5, according to over-the-counter interbank yield quotes for this government bond maturity. The…

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New record for the Greek 10-year bonds: Yield dropped to 1,995%

Panos - Jul 26, 2019

The yield of Greek bonds for the 10-year period dropped today to a new record low to 1,995%, falling by 0,80%. At the same time, the 5-year…

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Battle of the bonds: Greeks gaining the upper hand against Rome

Panos - Jun 21, 2019

Down and out less than a decade ago, Greece is this year’s top performing euro zone bond market, enjoying inflows from investors dismayed by shrinking yields elsewhere…

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Greek bonds suddenly emerge bright on investors’ radar, combining higher yields within Eurozone stability

Panos - Apr 09, 2019

Greek bonds and shares on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) are again piquing international investors' interests, according to Bloomberg, commenting on the latest reduction - due to…

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Greece’s second exit to the markets approaches

Panos - Feb 27, 2019

There are two possible dates for the next exit of the Greek state to the markets, however, nothing can be taken for granted, as developments are constant…

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Handelsblatt: Greece eyes 10-year bond issue – before Aug. 20

Panos - Jul 17, 2018

Handelsblatt on Monday claimed that Greece's Public Debt Management Agency is considering a 10-year bond issue before the current - and last - bailout program officially ends…

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Greece denies postponing bond issue due to Italy crisis

Panos - Jun 07, 2018

Greece on Wednesday denied reports that the planned issue of a 10-year government bond had been postponed, pointing out that no decision to issue such a bond…

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Govt eyes another bond market foray after expected upgrade by Moody’s in March

Panos - Feb 21, 2018

Moody’s is expected to close out the most recent cycle of Greece's credit rating upgrades, as the former - by all accounts -- will follow Standard and…

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Greece returns to markets again on Thurs. with 7-year bond

Panos - Feb 09, 2018

Greece returned to the markets on Thursday with a seven-year bond, an offering that was only temporarily postponed earlier in the week due to a mini crash…

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Greek 10-year yields drop to 12-year low

Panos - Jan 05, 2018

Greece’s borrowing costs briefly dropped to their lowest levels in 12 years on Friday, having already been among the best performing government bond assets in the euro…

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Interest rate falls in latest Greek T-bill auction

Panos - Jan 04, 2018

The Greek state drained 1.625 billion euros from the market on Wednesday during an auction of 1.250 billion euros worth of 26-week T-bills, with a interest rate…

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Greek economic turnaround continues

Panos - Dec 19, 2017

The positive signs coming out of the Greek economy increased this week as the country saw its fiscal targets being met while unemployment drops and bond yields…

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Greek state bond yield drop to 8-year low

Panos - Dec 07, 2017

The yield for a 10-year Greek benchmark bond fell to 4.8 percent on Wednesday, a new eight-year low. The last time such a bond was under 5…

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Five billion euros cited in 2018 Greek draft budget from bond issues

Panos - Oct 05, 2017

Bond issues worth five billion euros within 2018 are foreseen in the draft budget for the year, which was tabled in Parliament on Monday. Such a prospect…

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Greek yields dip on upgrade

Panos - Aug 22, 2017

The ratings agency upgraded Greece’s long-term foreign-currency issuer default ratings to B- from CCC late on Friday, citing reduced political risk and sustained economic growth. Short-dated Greek…

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Greece’s €3bn bond sale doesn’t mean its debt crisis is at an end

Panos - Jul 26, 2017

Compare and contrast. As Greece raised money in the bond markets for the first time in three years on Tuesday, prime minister Alexis Tsipras declared that the…

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Greek govt thoroughly pleased with Tues. bond issue results

Panos - Jul 26, 2017

Greek government sources on Tuesday referred to an "absolute success" and a confirmation of the positive course of the Greek economy, immediately after a five-year bond issue…

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Pricing of Greek 5-year-bond later today, as Greece returns to market

Panos - Jul 25, 2017

The Greek government is expected to declare the country’s exit from the memoranda as it prepares to issue a 5-year bond upon returning to the markets later…

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Greece’s return to bond markets could be an important error, analyst says

Panos - Jul 14, 2017

Greece is preparing to return to the bond markets but an early move could be costly, an analyst told CNBC on Thursday. Media reports have suggested that…