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Hooded attackers throw petrol bomb at Kesariani Police Station!
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Hooded attackers throw petrol bomb at Kesariani Police Station!

makis - May 14, 2019

A bout 10 hooded individuals attacked the Kesariani Police station with cocktail molotov bombs a little after 3.30am on Tuesday morning. The attackers hurled petrol bombs against…

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Vocal condemnation of bomb attack against against media group; issue of Skai ‘boycott’ by govt re-emerges

Panos - Dec 18, 2018

Greece's political leadership reacted immediately and forcefully to the bomb attack against the Skai and Kathimerini media groups in coastal southern Athens in the early morning hours…

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500-pound WWII bomb defused in Elefsina

Panos - Nov 26, 2018

An operation to defuse a 500-pound AMN64 bomb dating back to World War II, found during earthworks at the Greek Air Force base in Elefsina was successful…

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Bomb explosion outside building in Piraeus

Panos - Aug 22, 2018

A powerful explosion shook Piraeus shortly after midnight at 2:00′ a.m. at the crossroad of Fillellon and Notaras streets. According to eyewitnesses, just before the explosion, a…

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Bomb goes off at Chalandri store in Athens

Panos - Mar 13, 2018

An explosion occurred shortly after 3 am on Wednesday at a store in Chalandri, Attica. The store is located at Ethnikis Antistaseos street, and according to initial…

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Police defuse hand grenade bomb found outside Dafni precinct

Sokratis - Feb 25, 2017

Police bomb disposal experts defused an explosive device comprising a hand grenade on Saturday after receiving an anonymous caller telephoned a threat that the bomb would detonate…

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Buried World War II bomb prompts evacuation in Thessaloniki on Sunday

makis - Feb 07, 2017

Authorities in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, will be evacuating thousands of people from their homes on Sunday as bomb experts attempt to disarm and remove a large World…

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Bomb alert at Deposits and Loans Fund in Athens

Panos - Oct 21, 2016

Police were investigating an anonymous phone call made early on Friday warning that a bomb had been placed at the Deposits and Loans Fund located on Akadimias…

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Bomb planted in the car of a Korydallos prison guard

makis - Oct 11, 2016

The car of a Korydallos prison guard exploded outside his home in the area of Egaleo early on Tuesday morning. According to the police, the bomb was…

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Navy bomb squad neutralizes 350-kilo naval mine off Larissa

Panos - Jun 02, 2016

A fisherman discovered a 350-kilo naval mine, which was likely left over from the Second World War, about 1 mile off the coast of Mesagala, near Larissa…

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Athens couthouse evacuated after bomb threat

Panos - May 17, 2016

The main courthouse in Athens at a former Evelpidon military school was evacuated on Tuesday following a bomb threat. Buildings 8, 9 and 13 have been cleared…

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North Korea says conducted ‘successful’ H-bomb test

Panos - Jan 06, 2016

North Korea said on Wednesday that it had carried out a "successful" hydrogen bomb test, a claim that, if true, massively raises the stakes over the hermit…