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Barbaros has entered the EEZ of Cyprus

Panos - May 06, 2019

The Turkish Cypriot ship Barbaros entered Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone on Thursday afternoon, moving in an area where hydrocarbon exploration is already taking place on behalf of…

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Turkey sends Barbaros survey vessel in Cypriot EEZ in latest provocation

makis - Nov 20, 2018

As Cypriot media report, the Turkish seismographic research/survey vessel entered plot 4 in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EZZ), accompanied by four Turkish warships. However, the Turkish…

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Turkey claims Greek frigate harassed Turkish survey ship in Aegean Sea

Panos - Oct 19, 2018

Ankara is escalating its provocations against Greece in the Aegean Sea after the Turkish Foreign Ministry claimed in a statement that the Greek frigate “Nikiphoros Fokas” harassed…

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Turkey sends “Barbaros” vessel off coast of Cyprus

makis - Jul 14, 2017

Turkish seismographic research/survey vessel Barbaros, which until yesterday evening was anchored in a port in southern Turkey sailed off the coast of Cyprus. According to “Marine Traffic,”…