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Competition watchdog “raids” offices of 4 systemic Greek banks

Panos - Nov 08, 2019

Special units from the Hellenic Competition Commission conducted a surprise audit at the headquarters of the four Greek systemic banks. The members of the task forces (10…

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Greek banks promise to ‘freeze’ hikes in transaction fees

Panos - Nov 01, 2019

Banks reportedly reassured the Greek Ministry of Investment and Development Thursday that they would suspend the increases in bank transaction fees scheduled to take effect on November…

Greek Banks to share safety deposit box info with Tax Office, new Ministerial act provides
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Greek Banks to share safety deposit box info with Tax Office, new Ministerial act provides

makis - Feb 21, 2019

The Greek Ministry of Finance is attempting to compel banks to share details of clients’ safety deposit boxes with the Tax Office, as an act by Deputy…

German banks manoeuvre in Washington to temper Russia sanction risk
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German banks manoeuvre in Washington to temper Russia sanction risk

Panos - Feb 12, 2019

German banks are seeking to blunt any fresh U.S. sanctions against Russia so they can continue existing business with Russian clients, according to an internal briefing paper…

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Greece to guarantee up to 20bln Euros of banks’ “bad loans”

Panos - Oct 08, 2018

The government is exploring the prospect of setting up a scheme to protect the country’s banking system in the wake of Wednesday’s banking shares crash, a source…

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Bloomberg: ‘Stress test’ results for Greek banks in early May

Panos - Apr 18, 2018

Results of “stress tests” on Greece’s four systemic banks will be announced on May 4 and 5 by the European Central Bank (ECB), Bloomberg on Tuesday quotes…

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Greek banking association delegation received by Nouy, Coeuré in Frankfurt

Panos - Jan 16, 2018

The chairwoman of the Single Supervisory Mechanism’s (SSM) supervisory board, Danièle Nouy, and ECB executive board member Benoît Coeuré on Monday received a delegation from the Hellenic…

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NPEs in Greece drop to 100.4 bln€ in Sept. 2017

Panos - Dec 11, 2017

The level of non-performing exposures (NPEs) in Greece in September 2017 dropped by 2.4 and 5.5 percent compared with the end of June 2017 and late December…

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Hellenic Bank to appoint ex-HSBC banker Youssef Nasr as chairman

Panos - Nov 07, 2017

Hellenic Bank, third largest Cypriot lender, said that it decided to appoint Youssef Nasr, a former HSBC banker, as chairman of its board of directors. The appointment…

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ECB: Greek Banks Stress Tests Results Due in May

Panos - Nov 03, 2017

The European Central Bank‘s stress test of Greek banks is still expected to be completed in May despite a delay in a pan-European check. The Greek stress…

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Greek Banks Face ‘Gangs’ in Bad-Loans Battle With Defaulters

Panos - Oct 19, 2017

When Eurobank Ergasias SA, Greece’s third-biggest lender, recently went after a “strategic defaulter,” angry protesters stormed the courtroom to block its foreclosure attempt. The defaulter, whose name…

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Inaugural sale of Greek bank’s NPL portfolio set for August

Panos - Jul 21, 2017

The inaugural sale of a portfolio of "bad debt" held by Greece's systemic banks is expected in early August, with the initial cache reportedly being non-performing consumer…

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Taxpayers settling tax debts at banks to be charged extra commission

makis - Jul 18, 2017

Tax payers opting to settle their debts to the tax services over bank counters will be charged with an extra commission as of Friday, July 28. The…

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Greek banks beat target in battle to cut sky-high bad loans

Panos - Jun 07, 2017

Greek banks made progress in their fight to cut their exposure to doubtful and non-performing loans in the first quarter, data from the country's central bank showed…

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Handelsblatt: Greece will need a 4th bailout memorandum

Panos - Apr 11, 2017

The German financial daily Handelsblatt on Monday offered up a pessimistic view of the current economic situation in Greece, saying the country will need a fourth bailout…

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NPEs ease in Greece at end of 2016

Panos - Apr 06, 2017

Non-performing exposure (NPEs) within the Greek banking system fell by 1.2 percent at the end of 2016, compared to the end of September 2016. The total, at…

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ECB keeps emergency funding cap for Greek banks unchanged

makis - Feb 16, 2017

The European Central Bank maintained the cap on emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) Greek banks draw from the domestic central bank at 46.3 billion euros ($49.22 billion), the…

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Banks to cut even more jobs and branches over the next few years

Sokratis - Feb 11, 2017

More than 10,000 jobs are set to go at Greek banks over the next few years due to the changes that new technologies have brought to the…

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ECB lowers ELA ceiling for Greek banks

makis - Feb 02, 2017

The European Central Bank lowered the cap on emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) Greek banks draw from the domestic central bank by 200 million euros to 46.3 billion…

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State could lose all of its investment in banks

makis - Jan 04, 2017

The Greek state is close to losing the 25 billion euros it paid to save the Greek banking system, as the bank warrants issued during the first…