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Two arrested in Patra over lucrative legal scam

makis - Feb 09, 2017

A 59-year-old Greek man and a Finnish woman aged 55 have been arrested in Patra for allegedly scamming 250,000 euros from citizens, police said on Thursday. According…

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Father arrested for forcing son and other children to beg

makis - Dec 27, 2016

Officers of the Greek Police’s Dias motorcycle unit said on Tuesday they had arrested a 34-year-old Romanian national on people trafficking charges and for exposing minors to…

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Man arrested with 2.5 kilos of cocaine at Athens Airport

makis - Dec 12, 2016

A man was arrested on Monday at Athens International Airport for attempting to smuggle 2.5 kilos of cocaine concealed in his suitcase into Greece. The suspect, a…

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Three arrested for migrant smuggling

Sokratis - Sep 03, 2016

Authorities in Rodopi, northern Greece, have arrested three suspects on charges of smuggling migrants in two separate operations. In the first case, police officers detained a 35-year-old…

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Three people arrested for blackmail on Crete

Sokratis - Aug 27, 2016

Police in the town of Rethymno on Crete have arrested a 68-year-old man and two accomplices for allegedly blackmailing a woman, 34, and a man, 38, on…

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Thessaloniki: 74 arrested in building evacuations to go on trial

makis - Jul 28, 2016

The 74 people who were arrested during the evacuation of three occupied buildings in Thessaloniki on Wednesday will be taken to the Misdemeanors Courts. According to the…

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Thessaloniki: 70 arrested after police evacuate three occupied buildings

makis - Jul 27, 2016

A major police operation was carried out on Wednesday morning to evacuate three occupied buildings that had been squatted by anarchist groups. Two of the buildings are…

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Three arrested for brutal murder in 2014

makis - Jul 18, 2016

Police have identified three people over the murder of an 84-year-old man, whose dismembered and charred remains were discovered next to a public waste bin in Egaleo,…

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Two arrested for robbing more than 100 cash machines

Sokratis - May 14, 2016

Two women from Romania were arrested late Thursday in Pangrati for robbing more than 100 cash machines. Police said the two suspects, both 40, had been using…

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Two suspects arrested over attack on newspaper, ordered released

Sokratis - Apr 09, 2016

Police arrested two men on the weekend in connection with an attack on Friday by hooded members of an anarchist group on the offices of Proto Thema…

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Two arrested for murdering, chopping up Bulgarian man

Sokratis - Mar 05, 2016

Police said on Friday that they have identified two suspects in connection to the grizzly murder of a Bulgarian man in Athens last month. The 41-year-old’s dismembered…

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Man arrested over forged documents

makis - Feb 25, 2016

A 48-year-old man from Bangladesh was arrested on Thursday and charged over allegedly making and selling forged identification and travel documents in the area of Kaminia, a…

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Five men arrested for gold digging

Sokratis - Feb 06, 2016

Five men were arrested near Ioannina, northwestern Greece, while apparently digging for gold without a permit. The men, aged between 37 and 66, were using a mechanical…

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Two men arrested for extorting 34-year-old woman over explicit videos

makis - Jan 26, 2016

The police announced the arrest of two Greek men, aged 45 and 47 years old, who demanded 8,000 euros from a 34-year-old Georgian woman in order to…