Athens is among top Easter destinations for Germans

11 April 2019

Athens is among the 15 most popular destinations for German travellers for Easter, according to data published on the online booking platform eDreams ODIGEO, based on research conducted by Opodo between January 1 and February 17 of 2019, compared to data over the same period last year.

Unlike 2018, Thessaloniki did not manage to make the top 20 most popular travel destinations for the Easter period.
Corfu and Crete are among the 7 destinations that showed the highest rate of increase in demand in the German market.

As the data analysis revealed, on average, German holidaymakers will travel 7 days during the Easter period this year, 4 more days compared to last year.
According to the results, the top choices for German travellers this Easter holiday were:

1. Palma de Mallorca
2. Constantinople
3. London
4. Antalya
5. Barcelona
6. Lisbon
7. Rome
8. Dublin
9. Malaga
10. Berlin
11. Vienna
12. Budapest
13. Tel Aviv
14. Bangkok
15. Athens
16. Tenerife
17. Milan
18. Hamburg
19. Stockholm
20. Paris

The destinations with the highest demand increase are:

Ibiza + 263%
San Francisco + 169%
Bologna + 160%
Corfu + 150%
Antalya + 126%
Mallorca + 109%
Crete + 95%
Budapest + 74%
Naples + 73%
Alicante + 69%
Bali + 64%
Copenhagen + 57%
Tel Aviv + 51%
Egypt + Hurghada 40%
Sri Lanka + 38% %

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