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Impasse remains on TV law

Talks in Greek parliament over the government’s amendments on the TV law, Thursday night, led to the passing of two changes in the current legislation, although agreement on the key issue of the number of TV licenses to be granted has not yet been resolved. During Thursday’s session the majority agreed on the suspension of […]

Parliament presidents’ conference ends without agreement

The Conference of Parliament Presidents, chaired by Parliament President Nikos Voutsis, ended one more session without reaching an agreement on the new board of the TV regulator on Monday (31/10/2016), as the candidates didn’t achieve the 4/5 majority needed during the vote. Earlier, Voutsis had agreed to change the candidates for the positions of president […]

CoS to convene 5th time on TV licenses

The Council of State (CoS), Greece’s Supreme Court on administrative matters, is scheduled to convene in plenum, Wednesday, to decide on whether the TV licensing procedures passed by the ruling SYRIZA government contravened the Greek constitution. The session, which is the fifth on the controversial issue and will be held behind closed doors, is expected […]

Pappas: The courts judge, they do not legislate

“The courts judge, they do not legislate. The laws are composed by Parliament” argued State Minister Nikos Pappas ahead of a decision by the Council of State οn the television licensing law. In an interview for the Praktorio 104.9 FM radio station, the State Minister noted that the tender has finished and that the funds […]

Pappas: The successful bidders are not yet TV license holders

State Minister Nikos Pappas defended the recent tender for television broadcasting licenses in Parliament, arguing that there has never been a public tender with such a level of scrutiny, in response to a question submitted by River MP Jason Fotilas. At the same time the State Minister clarified that the successful bidders will only receive […]

PASOK questions legality of TV license auction, warns of layoffs

PASOK, Greece’s once-dominant socialist party, on Friday questioned the legitimacy of a government auction for four private nationwide TV licenses while warning of layoffs in the country’s crisis-hit media sector. “The arbitrary number of four licenses will lead to an oligopoly in the media,” PASOK said adding that the controversial procedure had raised “serious issues […]

Ch. Spirtzis: Tender for TV licences to be launched in January

The tender for television licenses will be launched within January, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Minister Christos Spirtzis on Wednesday said in an interview with “Sto Kokkino” radio station. He added that the first step is to set up the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) and noted that the government is ready for […]