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Three more Turkish officers in Greece, but unaccounted for!

According to the lawyer of the two Turkish officers that surrended to the Greek authorities, Stavroula Tomara, there were three more officers with them that left first from Orestiada to Thessaloniki by bus. However, their tracks were lost and now there are fears for their lives, as Ms Tomara can not rule they are in […]

Turkish extreme-right party leader to Greece: Remember what happened in 1922

The leader of the extreme right Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Devlet Bahceli openly threatened Greece that if its army wanted to be thrown into the sea again, the Turkish army was ready. Commenting on the recent increasing tensions between the two countries in the Aegean Sea, Mr. Bahceli said that Turkey would respond to […]

Turkish FM: Turkey’s military rights still needed in Cyprus

Turkey’s foreign minister says his country’s right to intervene militarily in Cyprus is still necessary given recent actions that have fanned insecurity among Turkish Cypriots. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu cited unspecified “attacks” against Turkish Cypriots as an example of why Turkey needs to keep military intervention rights on the ethnically divided island. Cavusoglu on Tuesday […]

Turkish media claims coast guard approaches to Greek islets

Turkish media on Tuesday published reports and photographs indicating that Turkish coast guard vessels had approached the Greek islets of Imia. The Sozcu website said that a Turkish coast guard boat had come within 2 miles of one of the islets’ coasts, while a Greek ship “just stood there, a mile off.” Aksam, quoting the […]

Greek court says Turkish servicemen must stay in custody

A Greek court has ruled that eight Turkish servicemen seeking asylum in Greece must remain in temporary police detention even though Turkey’s request for their extradition has been rejected. The pilots and flight engineers fled to Greece in a military helicopter a day after the failed July 15 military coup in Turkey. The court on […]

Athens court rules in favor of continued short-term detention for 8 Turkish servicemen who requested asylum

An administrative first instance court in Athens on Wednesday ruled that the continued detention of eight Turkish servicemen, who have requested asylum in the country, is legal, essentially approving of a recent decision by law enforcement authorities to extend their remand. The previous decision cited “reasons of public safety and national security”. The ruling on […]

Administrative court hearing Turkish servicemen’s release request

An administrative court in Athens on Monday was hearing a request for release by eight Turkish servicemen accused by Ankara of taking part in last summer’s failed coup. Their appeal comes after the Aliens’ Department of central police headquarters (GADA) in Athens extended their incarceration at the facility’s jail by three months, citing public safety […]

The eight Turkish officers and Greek justice

Greece does not often have the chance to show the world the value of an independent judiciary and of other democratic institutions, the chance to honor the principles of Europe. But on Thursday, despite the dangers that this may bring upon the country, the Supreme Court rejected Turkey’s request for the extradition of eight members […]

Turkish jets reappear in Greek air space

Four Turkish fighter jets, two of which were flying in formation and the other two separately, violated Greek air space in the northeastern and southeastern Aegean four times on Thursday, the latest in a series of transgressions in the region. Two of the Turkish jets were armed, according to Greek defense officials, who said there […]

Authorities say Turkish vessel that ran aground off Kos not suspect

Port authorities on Kos in the southeastern Aegean said on Tuesday they found nothing suspicious or incriminating on the Alcatras, a Turkish-flagged ship than ran aground on Monday 100 meters off the island’s coast, raising suspicion among locals. Authorities also said that the papers of the five-member crew were in order. The ship had set […]

Greek, Turkish fighter jets engage in mock dogfight

Two pairs of Greek and Turkish F-16 fighter jets engaged in a mock dogfight southwest of Chios Thursday afternoon. The Turkish aircraft were armed and had entered Greek air space. Also Thursday, a Turkish CN-235 military transport plane violated Greek air space 19 times, authorities said.

Turkish jets violate Greek air space

Two pairs of Turkish F-4 fighter jets violated Greek air space between the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios on Monday, Greek authorities said. The first pair flew at a low altitude of 3,000 feet over the islets of Makronisi and Anthropofagoi at 1.57 p.m., while shortly afterward a second pair flew twice over […]

Turkish jets chased out of Greek air space

Three Turkish fighter jets, two of which flew in formation, entered the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) on Tuesday and violated Greek national air space over the central Aegean. Authorities said they engaged in two mock dogfights with Greek fighter jets that were scrambled to intercept them before they left Greece’s air space. Two of […]

Appeal Council to examine extradition of Turkish officers

The extradition of three of the eight Turkish military officers, who arrived in Greece after the failed coup in Turkey, will be examined on Monday by the Appeal Council. The case of three was meant to be examined on Friday, however two of them did not have an attorney, therefore the session was adjourned until […]

Greece issues response to provocative Turkish statements

In a recent series of statements the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of his country’s ‘historic right’ to have a say in the broader region, which includes Thessaloniki, Thrace, Aegean islands and even Siberia. These provocative statements came after the Turkish President disputed the Treaty of Lausanne. As expected the Greek Ministry of […]

Samos: Reports of another Turkish officer involved in the failed coup

The Police, the National Intelligence Agency (EYP), the Coast Guard and Frontex are on alert following reports that a 40-year-old Turkish officer arrived on the Pythagorio beach on Samos in a rubber dingy on Wednesday morning. According to the reports the 40-year-old man is expected to request political asylum from Greek authorities as he is […]

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavucoglu pressures Greece for the extradition of the 8 rebel Turkish officers

Speaking to Reuters news agency, Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu repeated the request of his government for the speedy extradition by Greece of the eight rebel Turkish servicemen that landed in the northern city of Alexandroupolis, in Greece, last Saturday asking for political asylum. In another interview on Turkish state media, Cavucoglu claimed the US […]

Tension in Alexandroupoli during trial of Turkish officers

The eight Turkish military officers who participated in the failed coup in Turkey and subsequently escaped to Greece will go on trial at noon on Thursday. The Misdemeanors Court of Alexandroupoli is expected to issue a verdict within the day. According to the case file, all of them are charged with illegally entering the country, […]