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Primary school teachers call strike for Sept. 15

Panos - Sep 02, 2016

Primary school teachers are to strike on September 15 in protest at government plans to scrap primary schools with late closing hours as part of its efforts…

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Strikes to halt national, suburban railway services Monday through Wednesday

Sokratis - Jul 16, 2016

Service on Greece’s national and suburban (Proastiakos) railways was expected to be suspended Monday through Wednesday, as unions have called for continuous rolling strikes following a decision…

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No service on trains, electric railway and metro on Wednesday as staff strike

Panos - Jul 06, 2016

Employees of the Hellenic Railways Organization, the Athens metro and ISAP electric railway are holding a 24-hour strike on Wednesday as part of ongoing action against government…

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Train and suburban railway stoppages continue

Panos - Jul 04, 2016

Work stoppages in the suburban railway and trains will continue for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, while a 24-hour strike has been declared for Wednesday, July 6. More…

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Airport train service to be disrupted by walkouts

Panos - Jun 28, 2016

Service on the national OSE railway and the Proastiakos suburban railway, which serves Athens International Airport, will be disrupted this week due to staff walkout in protest…

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Strikes at Piraeus and Thessaloniki ports called off at last

Sokratis - Jun 25, 2016

The strike at the port authorities of Piraeus (OLP) and Thessaloniki (OLTH) was suspended on Friday following a decision to that effect by the Federation of Hellenic…

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OLYLE continues its strike in Piraeus and Thessaloniki for 29th day

makis - Jun 22, 2016

The nationwide federation of port employees (OMYLE) has announced that it will carry on its strike at the port authorities of Piraeus (OLP) and Thessaloniki (OLTH) on…

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No service on fixed-track transport on Tuesday from 10 p.m.

Panos - Jun 21, 2016

Workers on the Athens metro, ISAP electric railway and tram will halt service from 10 p.m. on Tuesday night as part of ongoing protests that have caused…

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Train employees announce strike from Saturday to Monday

Panos - Apr 26, 2016

The employees at the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) announced that they will go on strike at 6pm on Saturday until 10am on Monday. As such, all services…

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Print, electronic media in Greece hold 48-hour strike over pension reforms

makis - Apr 21, 2016

Print media in Greece will be on strike on Thursday and Friday in a protest over pension reforms. The 48-hour strike was called by the Panhellenic Federation…

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Taxi driver federation announces nationwide strike

Panos - Apr 14, 2016

The nationwide federation of taxi drivers (POEIATA) has announced a 24-hour strike for Thursday, in protest of the government’s tax reform plans. Following an emergency board meeting,…

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Thousands face driving test delays due to examiners’ strike

makis - Apr 13, 2016

Driving school instructors staged a demonstration on Wednesday outside the Transport Ministry in Athens to protest an ongoing strike by examiners which has created a huge backlog,…

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ADEDY calls for 24-hour strike

Panos - Apr 07, 2016

Greece’s public sector union (ADEDY) has called a 24-hour strike against the planned social security reforms which will take place on April 7. Journalists in Greece will…

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Media black out on Thursday as journalists participate in ADEDY strike

Panos - Apr 06, 2016

The journalist federation ESIEA has announced that it supports Thursday’s 24-hour strike called by ADEDY and has called its members to participate in a rally at 11am…

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Air traffic controllers strike cancels flights to/from Greece on Thur

Panos - Apr 06, 2016

A strike by air traffic controllers on Thursday, April 7, means no flights landing or taking off from Greek airports, as the union representing the Civil Aviation…

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ADEDY calls 24hr strike on 7 April over pension system reform

Panos - Mar 28, 2016

A 24-hour strike and demonstration have been announced for Thursday, the 7th of April, by public sector trade union ADEDY. The demonstration is scheduled for 11am on…

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Lawyers extend strike over pension reform until April 4

makis - Mar 24, 2016

Lawyers are to extend their ongoing strike until April 4. The federation of Greek bar associations met on Thursday to decide whether to continue the protest against…

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Athens metro shuts down on Thursday

Panos - Mar 24, 2016

There will be no services on Athens metro station on Thursday due to a 24-hour strike. Athens metro staff are protesting against the “undermining of structures and…

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Farmers convene on Monday to decide next strike actions

makis - Feb 15, 2016

The nationwide coordinating committee of road blocks set up by farmers has arranged a general assembly of the 68 blocks that participated in the major rallies that…

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Farmers’ strikes and blockades continue to plague Athens

chris1 - Feb 14, 2016

Rizos Maroudas, part of the committee, had said that for them to come to the discussion table only if the pensions and tax reforms are removed. At…