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State recoups 4.3 million euros from defense deal kickback

The Greek state has recouped 4.3 million euros that was pocketed by a businessman alleged to have taken kickbacks from a defense procurement deal, Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis revealed on Friday. The money was returned by the entrepreneur Giorgos Kamaris – who has been linked to various defense deals – to secure more lenient treatment […]

State could lose all of its investment in banks

The Greek state is close to losing the 25 billion euros it paid to save the Greek banking system, as the bank warrants issued during the first recapitalization will expire at the end of 2017. This is money the state had borrowed for the banks’ share capital increases with the aim of recovering at least […]

State takes steps for the operation of crematoria in Greece

The Ministry of Environment is said to have prepared a joint ministerial decision for the creation of crematoria in Greece, however the recent cabinet reshuffle has delayed ratification. According to sources from the Ministry of Environment the legislative initiative is being pushed forward due to the lack of available space at cemeteries, as well as […]

Two priests sentenced for embezzling 930,000 euros from state

Two priests in Farsala, central Greece, have been sentenced to 18 and six years behind bars respectively, after they were found guilty of embezzling 930,000 euros from the Greek state through a scheme that involved forged salary lists for priests. The fraud was discovered following an inspection carried out by a Finance Ministry unit in […]

State Council accepts injuctions against TV licensing law

The Council of State plenum will meet on the 24th and 26th October to debate and decide on the constitutionality and legality of the government’s controversial television licensing law. Next Monday, judges will hear from the case rapporteur, Giorgos Papageorgiou, who will complete his recommendation which started on Tuesday night but was interrupted. Papageorgiou argued […]

State Council convenes to debate TV licenses on Tuesday

The Council of State will hold its third session to debate the appeals of television channels against a recent auction of television broadcasting licenses behind closed doors on Tuesday afternoon. In the last meeting on Friday the Council failed to reach an agreement on the admissibility, merits and legal interest of the appeals launched by […]

State resorts to confiscation of bank deposits and properties of debtors

The state is carrying out a blitz of confiscations, with tax authorities and social security funds targeting the small amounts left in Greeks’ bank accounts, as well as their real estate assets, to cover taxpayers’ expired debts. Data seen by Kathimerini show that money was confiscated from 151,000 bank accounts in the first half of […]

State Council will “not give into pressure” on TV licenses tender

The President of the Council of State Nikolaos Sakellariou underlined that the judges will not be pressured or influenced in examining a series of appeals against the television broadcasting license tender. In his opening statement at the start of the trial, the State Council President explained that in spite of the major financial crisis and […]

State budget net revenue 10.4% above targets in January

The Ministry of Finances has announced that the State budget net revenue totaled 4.219 billion euros in January, up 10.4% from targets, while regular budget net revenue amounted to 3.654 billion euros, down 0.2% from budget targets. The Ministry also announced that tax returns totaled 296 million euros in January, about 49 million euros short […]