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Greek economy to grow by more than 3.0 pct from 2020 onwards, SEV report says

Panos - Sep 17, 2019

The Greek economy is expected to grow slightly less than 2.0 pct this year but to reach growth rates above 3.0 pct of GDP from 2020 onwards,…

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Employers’ group (SEV) to propose Evangelos Mytilineos as next president

Panos - Dec 07, 2017

Well-known businessman Evangelos Mytilineos, the head of the same-name international mining and metals group, will, by all accounts, be the next president of the Hellenic Federation of…

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Greek industry body recommends 20 pct tax on large investments‏

ilias1 - Mar 26, 2016

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) on Wednesday recommended a cut in the taxation of large investments to 20 pct and expanding the option of offsetting losses…

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SEV says over-taxation threatens middle class in Greece

ilias1 - Mar 20, 2016

Greek households' income (excluding benefits) totals 153.2 billion euros and the declared tax income of households is around 74 billion euros (with income tax revenue amounting to…

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Greek enterprises see significant economic prospects in 2016‏

Panos - Jan 08, 2016

There are significant capabilities of supporting economic activity in 2016 through offering significant liquidity from the state to the private sector on the condition that the government…