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Guardian: For every $100 sent to Greece for refugee crisis $70 lost

In a long article titled “Where did the money go? How Greece fumbled the refugee crisis”, British news-site theguardian.com raises examines the issue of large sums of cash directed to Greece to alleviate the plight of the refugees entering the country was squandered. According to the piece, nearly $70 out of $100 disbursed to the […]

EU, UNICEF launch joint program for refugee kids

UNICEF and the European Union have launched a joint project to support more than 6000 refugee and migrant children, including unaccompanied minors, across Greece. The initiative, which comes amid harsh weather conditions in Greece, aims to help keep refugee and migrant safe and cared for, and give them access to child protection and educational services. […]

School divided over classes for refugee children

The prospect of refugee children attending classes at a primary school in Larissa, central Greece, as part of a nationwide government initiative, has divided teachers and parents. In the wake of objections by schoolchildren’s parents, the principal of the 26th Larissa Primary School, Katerina Stagianni, said she and teachers at the school remained committed to […]

UNHCR concerned over refugee conditions on Greek islands

The United Nations refugee agency is urging Greek authorities to quickly move asylum-seekers to the mainland from overcrowded facilities on Greek islands, saying conditions remain bad and expressing concern over a predicted cold weather snap. UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said in Geneva Friday that conditions at many sites “remain very poor” despite improvement efforts. More […]

Refugee crisis deals blow to island tourism

Tourism on the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos was dealt a devastating blow by the migrant crisis, with the main impact in the form of cancellations of hotel bookings, conferences, cruise ship arrivals and flights from abroad, as well as the contraction of the season and the decline in business turnover, according […]

Refugee response in Greece: A flawed system

Conditions in Greek refugee camps have been widely criticized but, given the funding being received by the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations as well as the Greek government, there is no justification for the delays in addressing these problems. Despite its interest in having a clear view and control over the response to the crisis […]

Tension and demonstrations at refugee hotspots on Chios and Samos

The refugees at the hotspots on Chios and Samos demonstrated and rioted over the huge delays in the examination of their applications for asylum. As a result many have been stranded on the islands for months awaiting a decision. According to ERT, at about 3pm a group of young refugees blocked the entrance to the […]

Mouzalas: “Refugee tents to be replaced with huts by 15 December”

The Alternate Minister of Migration Policy Yannis Mouzalas announced that the tents at the refugee hospitality center at Schisto will be replaced by huts by the 15th of December, as part of the efforts to improve living conditions. At present there are 760 refugees from Afghanistan – including 270 children – currently accommodated at the […]

Oreokastro: Major tension at refugee center over fatal collision

A woman and one child were tragically killed outside the refugee center in Oreokastro after being struck by a passing car, causing major tension in the area on Sunday evening. According to reports, at about 20:30 on Sunday, the car ran over three refugees – one woman and two children – outside the refugee center […]

Chios: Parents association calls “referendum” for refugee children

The parents and guardians association of the 7th elementary school on Chios has decided to call a ‘referendum’, asking parents to decide whether to accept refugee children in the school. This profound initiative was taken even though there is currently no provision for the school to accept refugee children. According to reports the teacher association […]

Lucky few leave Greece under refugee relocation plan

The bus winding its way through the pre-dawn darkness of Athens’s empty streets marks the end of months of danger, hardship and uncertainty. After surviving war, smugglers and perilous sea crossings, its 31 passengers are finally about to start new lives in Europe. The 27 Syrians and four Iraqis, all families with children, are heading […]

Tsipras: “The refugee crisis is a collective affair”

The refugee crisis is a global challenge that the world will either manage collectively, coherently and based on international law, or it will either fail, underlined Greeke Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his speech at the Summit on the refugee crisi under US president Barack Obama. The Greek Prime Minister praised swimmer Yusra Mardini, a […]

Refugee families desiring repatriation to be accomodated at Amygdaleza

The site in Amygdaleza that was formerly used as a refugee detention facility has been converted to accommodate families of refugees that wish to be repatriated via the IOM’s and Greek Police Services programs. According to government officials the site will begin to operate on Wednesday and will be visited by the Alternate Minister of […]

Investigation into Coast Guard officer assault against refugee

The Minister of Shipping Theodoros Dritsas and the Chief of the Coast Guard Stamatis Raptis have ordered an investigation, after a video surfaced which shows a Coast Guard official assaulting a refugee. In the controversial video, which was uploaded on dailymotion, a Greek Coast Guard official appears to swear at a refugee and hit in […]

Greek officials fear rise in refugee arrivals after coup attempt in Turkey

Following the recent dramatic developments in Turkey, Greek authorities are on alert as they fear a possible increase in refugee arrivals. According to Coast Guard officials, the failed coup attempt may urge many refugees to take advantage of the favorable weather conditions and cross over into Greece. On Samos a boat carrying 22 refugees arrived […]

Violence breaks out at refugee hospitality center on Samos

Huge fights broke out at the refugee hospitality center at Vathy on the island of Samos on Thursday evening. Similar fights also broke out on Lesvos on Wednesday. A few kilometers away, the annual KEDE conference was taking place, which was attended by Interior Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis, New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the head of […]

Idomeni refugee camp evacuation operation continues

The evacuation of the informal refugee camp at the northern Greek town of Idomeni continued on Wednesday, with about 1,000 people being transferred via bus to hospitality centers on Wednesday and 3,000 since the evacuation operation was launched on Tuesday. About 1,500 remain on site, from the 8,500 which were initially thought to have camped […]

Authorities target misinformation at refugee camp

The Greek government said Monday it plans to clamp down on the dissemination of false information to migrants and refugees stranded at the tent city near Idomeni on Greece’s northern border. “Dealing with the dissemination of irresponsible rumors and misinformation to groups of people who are under pressure and who are living in squalid conditions, […]