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EWG to discuss impact of Christmas bonus on Greek program

The Euro Working Group (EWG) is to meet Tuesday to discuss the impact on the Greek program of the SYRIZA-led government’s decision to grant a one-off supplement to pensioners, local media reported Monday. The European Stability Mechanism reacted to the measure by suspending for the time being the implementation of the short-term debt relief measures […]

IMF: “No need for a priori debt relief to participate in Greek program”

The International Monetery Fund does not require debt relief measures to be applied in advance, in order to participate in the Greek program, argued the spokesperson Gerry Rice on Thursday’s press conference. Asked on the medium-term measure for the Greek debt relief agreement, the spokesperson for the IMF commented that the Fund is working with […]

Huge takeup for photovoltaics program

The state-subsidized program for the installation of photovoltaic systems with the aim of allowing people to generate their own power and then use the amount they wish while selling the rest to the national grid appears to be getting a major response, with the greatest interest coming from households and the commercial sector, and especially […]

Regling: ESM could further improve the economic conditions of the Greek program

Member states will monitor the implementation of reforms by Greece and decide whether to enter into discussions on further debt relief, the general director of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Klaus Regling said during a conversation with MEPs of the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. However, he underlined that a haircut in […]