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Return of Marbles should be part of EU-Brexit deal argues MEP

Panos - Aug 14, 2017

A Greek politician is campaigning for the Parthenon Marbles to be returned to Athens as part of the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the European Union.…

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Greek bid for return of Parthenon marbles rejected by ECHR

Panos - Jul 20, 2016

The first-ever legal bid to force the UK to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece has been thrown out by the European Court of Human Rights. The…

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Greece considers legal action against the UK for the Parthenon marbles

Panos - May 10, 2016

As the 200th anniversary since British Lord Elgin removed marbles from the Parthenon looms, the Greek government is considering appealing to the international justice system for their…