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Golden Dawn loses a seat in Parliament

Golden Dawn lost an MP Saturday after Dimitris Koukoutsis declared himself an independent, reducing the far-right party’s representation in the 300-seat Parliament to 17 seats from 18. As a result of Koukoutsis’s departure, GD has slipped to fourth place in terms of representation in the House, as Democratic Alliance (PASOK and Democratic Left) rises into […]

Impasse remains on TV law

Talks in Greek parliament over the government’s amendments on the TV law, Thursday night, led to the passing of two changes in the current legislation, although agreement on the key issue of the number of TV licenses to be granted has not yet been resolved. During Thursday’s session the majority agreed on the suspension of […]

Parliament rejects New Democracy’s inquiry proposal for third bailout

Amid major political tension on Tuesday evening, Parliament voted against the main opposition party’s proposal for launching an inquiry into the third bailout, capital controls and government-creditor negotiations that took place during the first half of 2015. In total 155 MPs voted against the proposal, 96 in favor and 22 voted ‘present’. The proposal, which […]

Government working on new anti-graft initiative

After this week’s presentation showcasing the work of its anti-corruption body over the last 15 months, the government is reportedly planning to set up offices where citizens can file anonymous corruption complaints. According to sources, the new measure will be included in a bill that will be tabled in Parliament after summer and that will […]

Parliament to vote on electoral law reform at midnight

The debate in Parliament on the electoral law reform concludes on Thursday, with a vote on the bill expected to take place late at night. Although the coalition government has failed to secure the 200 votes necessary so that the law may be implemented in the next elections, should the bill pass, it will be […]

PM lining up greater powers for president

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is to propose that the president of the republic should be given much greater powers as part of the constitutional reform the government wants to carry out. Dailyhellas understands that Tsipras is considering giving the Greek president the same authority he had under the 1975 Constitution. This would mean that the […]

European Parliament approves resolution for swift UK exit

Members of Parliament put the heat on Britain to invoke article 50 of Lisbon Treaty Then European Parliament plenary approved a resolution with 395 notes in favour, 200 against and 71 abstentions calling on Britain to invoke article 50 to start immediate negotiations of terms of exit form Britain from the EU. The talks are […]

Tsipras expected to meet party leaders on electoral reform

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet with Greek party leaders this week to discuss potential changes to the country’s electoral law, according to reports Sunday. Tsipras is said to be in favor of a simple proportional representation system. With his government’s popularity damaged by a wave of austerity measures demanded by creditors, the premier is […]

New Democracy to oppose development bill in House

New Democracy is going to vote against the development bill submitted to Parliament recently by the government, despite some high-ranking party members feeling that the conservatives should support the draft legislation. The decision to vote against the bill was taken during a meeting of the party’s coordinating body last Tuesday. The main reason put forward […]

Greece passes asylum law needed for EU-Turkey migrants deal

Greek lawmakers on Friday passed an asylum amendment bill needed for the implementation of a European Union agreement with Turkey for the return of refugees and migrants from Greek islands to Turkey starting on Monday. The deal aims to end the uncontrolled influx of refugees and other migrants after more than one million people crossed […]

Critical bill on migration to be tabled in Parliament on Friday

The coalition government’s migration bill, which was approved by the committees on Thursday and will be tabled in Parliament on Friday, has prompted major reactions from the opposition parties, primarily over the fast-track procedures used. The bill, which was supported by SYRIZA, the Independent Greeks and the River, incorporates EU legislation on asylum and recent […]

EP on Turkey: A Cyprus solution will change region

A Cyprus solution will dramatically change the stability outlook of the region, the EP (European Parliament) rapporteur on Turkey’s accession progress Kati Piri (Dutch, PES) said on Tuesday at a press conference in Brussels. Kati Piri noted the prospect of the island’s reunification during her introductory statements, while presenting the text of the progress report […]

Greek workers march to Parliament to protest pension reform

Greek workers marched through the streets of Athens on Saturday to protest against the leftist-led government’s planned pension reform which the country’s international creditors have demanded as part of its third bailout. About 3,000 public and private sector workers, pensioners and students rallied peacefully outside Parliament. They held banners reading “You cannot bargain with social […]