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Greek minister condemns use of force by FYROM police

Greece’s Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas has condemned the use of force by the police of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) against migrants and refugees trying to cross the border between the two countries on Sunday. “The migrants who were beaten yesterday are the jihadis of tomorrow,” he told Skai TV on Monday. Dozens […]

PASOK concerned HQ could become terror target

Officials at PASOK, as well as policemen guarding the party’s headquarters in central Athens, have expressed concern that the Socialists’ main offices are at risk of becoming the target of a terrorist attack after the government decided to remove the permanent presence of riot police vans in the vicinity. Written recommendations have been forwarded to […]

Toskas:Athens is against closing national border

The possibility of some jihadists creeping into Europe through the refugee flows does not justify closing the borders, Alternate Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Toskas said on Friday in an interview with AFP. “We must solve the problem … in the war zones, [to resolve] what causes them,” he noted, adding the government is against […]