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Far right is the ‘real threat’ to Europe, says Greek PM

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says a meeting of left-wing leaders in Paris on Saturday has made progress on a “common front” to tackle the migrant crisis. He also says the rise of extreme right forces is the “real threat” to Europe and is urging progressive migration policies to counter it. He warns of “forces […]

Migrant Crisis Alters E.U. Calculations for Greece as Its Debt Struggle Continues

When Greece’s debt crisis threatened to sink the European Union’s single currency last summer, the rest of Europe, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, ganged up to deliver the Greek government a stern message: Overcome your domestic political problems and do what is necessary to hold the Continent together. Eight months after Greece agreed […]

Germany’s Schaeuble urges European answer on migrant crisis as scepticism grows

Germany’s finance minister called for a European solution to the migrant crisis on Saturday, amid fresh criticism at home over repeated unsuccessful attempts to share the burden of the problem across the region. Wolfgang Schaeuble was addressing the “exceptionally difficult situation” facing Greece, where a bottleneck of migrants has built up, adding to the country’s […]