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Money has run out for staff at Marinopoulos

makis - Dec 28, 2016

The money for the intermediary funding of bankrupt supermarket chain Marinopoulos – to ensure its operation until its takeover by Sklavenitis – has run out, leaving it…

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Marinopoulos rescue plan entails 50% ‘haircut’ for troubled super market chain’s suppliers

Panos - Sep 23, 2016

Suppliers of troubled super market group Marinopoulos are being asked to consent with the latter’s request to seek protection under a specific article of Greece’s bankruptcy code…

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Agreement to save Marinopoulos from closing to be signed

makis - Sep 01, 2016

An agreement has been reached between the banks and super-market chains Sklavenitis and Marinopoulos, which will see the two companies merge. According to the deal the troubled…

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Staff of beleaguered Marinopoulos supermarket chain protest in Athens

makis - Jul 13, 2016

Employees of the Marinopoulos supermarket chain on Wednesday staged a protest outside the offices of the Labor Ministry in Athens, demanding job security, following the decision by…

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Sklavenitis and Marinopoulos enter talks over possible buy out

makis - Jul 06, 2016

Talks between the Sklavenitis and Marinopoulos supermarket chains began on Tuesday regarding the prospect of a possible buy out, after Marinopoulos filed for bankruptcy and protection against…

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Marinopoulos employees and creditors in uproar over bankruptcy

makis - Jun 29, 2016

The recent announcement that the Marinopoulos supermarket chain has applied for bankruptcy has caused major reactions from the company’s creditors and 12,000 employees. A number of creditors,…

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Marinopoulos supermarket chains seeks protection from creditors

Panos - Jun 28, 2016

The Marinopoulos supermarket chain, one of the biggest in Greece and the past partner in the country of the multinational Carrefour group, on Tuesday applied for protection…