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Nine arrested for illegally issuing driver licences

Panos - Mar 15, 2019

Police have arrested nine individuals alleged to be involved in the illegal issue of driving licences by the transport ministry service in south Athens. The case was…

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Council of State reconvenes to debate television licenses

makis - Oct 24, 2016

The State Council is scheduled to convene behind closed doors on Monday afternoon in order to discuss the television licensing law, with another meeting scheduled for Wednesday.…

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TV license auction continues as planned – Two licenses granted

Panos - Aug 31, 2016

The much-debated tender for television licenses continues as planned, with the lastest information indicating that the procedures for two of the licenses have concluded. Government sources have…

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TV licences: Procedures to start Tuesday morning

Panos - Aug 30, 2016

The final stage for the issuing of the TV broadcasting licences is scheduled to start on Tuesday morning, with the remaining 8 candidates still in the running,…