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Lesvos rocked by early morning tremor

The eastern Aegean island of Lesvos was jolted early on Thursday morning by an earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale. According to the Athens Geodynamic Institute, the tremor occurred at 3.55 a.m., while its epicenter was located at sea, 67 kilometers northwest of Mytilene town.

Second strong quake, measuring 5.3 Richter, hits Lesvos

A second strong quake, measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale, shook Lesvos at 1 p.m. on Monday just a few hours after a 5.1-magnitude tremor hit the eastern Aegean island. The epicenter of the second quake was located some 63 kilometers northwest of the island and at a depth of some 10 kilometers under the […]

Second man dies at Lesvos migrant camp

A 46-year-old Syrian man was found dead in his tent in the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos on Saturday morning. He was the second person to die at the facility last week, after the death of a 22-year-old Egyptian man a few days earlier. The deaths have highlighted the poor conditions that refugees face at […]

Lesvos mayor grants prize money to two fishermen who saved hundreds at sea

Authorities on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos have announced that the money from the 2016 Olof Palme prize awarded to its mayor and his counterpart in Lampedusa in Italy, will be used to help two heroic fishermen whose boats sank under the weight of last week’s heavy snowfall. Fishermen Kostas Pinteris and Thanassis Marmarinos […]

Lesvos groups to lobby against more migrant camps

Professional groups on Lesvos have decided to come together to lobby for the island – where most refugees arriving from Turkish shores make landfall – not to host any more camps for migrants. Following a similar initiative by professionals on Chios, Lesvos residents want to also advocate greater support for the island and some regulation […]

Lesvos: 12 Syrian and Afghan refugees enroll in school

Twelve children refugees from Syria and Afghanistan have enrolled in the 8th primary school of Mytilene on Lesvos. According to the Ethnos newspaper, the 12 refugee children were enrolled in the regular school, rather than the afternoon schools for refugees. The director of primary education of Lesvos Katerina Strataki commented that the children arrived with […]

Pakistani boy gang-raped in Greek migrant camp, police says

Four Pakistani minors have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a 16-year-old Pakistani boy in a Greek migrant camp, police said Wednesday. “The four minors, aged 16 to 17, will appear before a prosecutor today,” a police source told AFP. The incident allegedly occurred on Sunday in the Moria camp on the island of Lesvos. Greece […]

Fire ravages 60% of hot spot facilities at Moria

Rumors circulating regarding imminent mass deportations to Turkey appear to have fueled clashes between refugees and the police at the Moria hot spot on Lesvos. About 300 refugees left the hot spot to stage a demonstration in the city, but were turned back to the camp. Upon their return, fires broke out north and south […]

Police arrest Iraqi for sale of fake IDs on Lesvos

A 35-year old Iraqi man was arrested by Greek police on the island of Lesvos for allegedly possessing four fake Italian IDs. The Mytilene police detained the man, who was also found to be carrying 800 Euros, in the capital of the island in broad daylight and have launched an investigation to detect the source […]

Lesvos visitors at a record low this August

Mytilini airport data showed on Monday that last month was the worst August on record for Lesvos tourism. The island that has been flooded with refugees and migrants in the last year received just 8,078 passengers on 58 charter flights. Last year Lesvos had received 124 charter flights with 16,588 passengers.

Arrivals rise as Lesvos officials monitor activists

There was a notable rise Monday in the number of refugees reaching the Greek islands over the previous 24 hours, as local officials on the island of Lesvos attempted to convince a small group of “No Borders” activists to leave. According to data provided by the Greek government, a total of 126 migrants and refugees […]

Coast Guard succesfully concludes search for refugees off Lesvos

A search and rescue operation was launched on Thursday morning about two miles off the coast of Lesvos, after their boat appears to have turned over, has successfully concluded, with all 71 passengersaccounted for. The Coast Guard has transferred all 71 people rescued to the port of Mytilene. Aside from the aforementioned, another 54 people […]

Over 700 refugees arrive on Lesvos after failed coup in Turkey

The Coast Guard rescued a total of 345 refugees attempting to cross over from Turkey to the islands of Lesvos, Kos and Samos over the weekend. Since the failed coup in Turkey on the 15th of July, over 700 refugees have traveled to Lesvos. During the past few days the Coast Guard has also arrested […]

Coast Guard: About 100 migrants and refugees arrive on Lesvos

Two boats carrying about 100 migrants and refugees arrived from Turkey on the island of Lesvos on Friday. In the past 10 days about 430 migrants and refugees have arrived, suggesting that the efforts of the Turkish authorities as part of the agreement with the EU have languished. Reports suggest that a large number of […]

Bodies recovered off Lesvos belonged to Syrian family from Aleppo

The four bodies recovered off the coast of the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos on Wednesday belonged to a Syrian family from Aleppo, authorities announced on Thursday. The mother and father and their children, aged 4 and 6, drowned when their inflatable dinghy capsized. Six people were rescued by coast guard officers. According to reports, […]

Police officer serving on Lesvos commits suicide

A 42-year-old police officer serving on the Aegean island of Lesvos allegedly used his service gun to commit suicide, authorities said on Thursday. The body of the officer was discovered at his sleeping quarters a few kilometers away from the island’s Moria hotspot. Initial reports suggested the officer, originally from Ioannina, northwestern Greece, left behind […]

Migrants rescued as boat runs aground near Lesvos

Greece’s coast guard says it rescued about 60 migrants or refugees from a sailboat which ran aground off the coast of the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, and all passengers were being taken to the island. The coast guard said the vessel ran aground Thursday south-southwest of Lesvos. Two fishing boats in the area were […]

Galinos: Lesvos will not be turned into a new Alcatraz

The Mayor of Lesvos Spyros Galinos gave a stern response to Austria’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sebastian Kurz, underlining that the Aegean island will not “be turned into a second Alcatraz” in an interview published in Die Presse. Mr. Galinos responded to provocative statements of the Austrian Minister, who suggested that refugees and migrants be kept […]

Refugees on Lesvos want to be allowed leave the island

Tens of Iraqis and Syrians gathered in the central square of Mytilene on Lesvos late on Sunday afternoon, to protest that they are refugees and not criminals. The protesters, many of whom have families with young children, want to be allowed to travel to Piraeus and from then on to central or northern European countries. […]