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Lenders extend Athens consultations on bailout review

makis - Mar 07, 2017

International creditors have extended talks in Athens on more reforms to unlock bailout aid after some progress in talks, sources close to the process said on Tuesday.…

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Varoufakis urges Tsipras to ditch negotiations with lenders

Sokratis - Feb 04, 2017

Former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to turn his back on Greece’s lenders, adopt a parallel payment system that he was…

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Lenders ask Greece to prepare contingency package of extra reforms

Sokratis - Apr 23, 2016

International lenders asked Greece on Friday to prepare a package of additional savings measures which would be passed into law now but implemented only if needed, to…

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Greece and its lenders recount the new austerity measures

makis - Mar 31, 2016

The new round of contacts between Greece and its lenders start tomorrow with EuroWorking Group extraordinary teleconference meeting to assess the progress of negotiation talks in an…

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Greece’s lenders to return in Athens on April 2

makis - Mar 30, 2016

The representatives of the institutions are expected to return in Athens on April 2, according to EU sources, so as continue the negotiation talks for the program…

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Greece’s lenders return to Athens

ilias1 - Mar 06, 2016

The economic team of the government is optimistic for the return of Greece’s lenders, while according to sources the date of institutions’ arrival is set on Thursday…