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Hard labor for the bailout negotiators

Economists and businessmen lined up at the Delphi Economic Forum last week to insist that the labor market is not where the challenges for the Greek economy are to be found anymore. Somehow, though, the debate over whether further liberalization is needed or not has come to dominate the efforts of the government and its […]

Greek labor minister says IMF demands are ‘unreasonable’

The International Monetary Fund’s stance on the Greek bailout is “problematic” and its demands of the cash-strapped country “unreasonable,” Labor Minister Efi Achtsioglou said on Thursday. Speaking after a visit to the Labor Inspection Corps in Alexandroulpoli, northern Greece, the minister who holds of the country’s stickiest portfolios said the IMF’s demand for the upfront […]

Members of Rouvikonas barge into Labor Ministry

A group of protesters claiming to belong to the anti-establishment Rouvikonas group barged into the Labor Ministry in central Athens on Monday, shouting slogans and scattering flyers. Police were called shortly before 2 p.m. as the youths ran amok through the building protesting pension cuts and social security hikes, remanding 15 suspects for questioning. Meanwhile, […]

Greek hourly labor costs up as public hirings rise, Eurostat shows

Average hourly labor costs and hirings in the public sector rose in 2016, compared to the private sector, which saw a drop, according to the latest data from Eurostat. The European statistics agency produced figures showing that average hourly labor costs in the public sector were up by 4.5 percent while corresponding costs in the […]

Labor Ministry issues circulars on age of retirement

The Ministry of Labor has issued three circulars in relation to the gradual increase of the age of retirement, which ranges from 6 months to 17 years in certain cases. As of 2019 the age of retirement for all pension funds will be the age of 67 or 62 with 40 years of insurance contributions. […]