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Ethnic tensions at migrant camps seen as potential risk

chris1 - May 29, 2016

Authorities in northern Greece are concerned that clashes may break out along ethnic lines at the new centers hosting migrants and refugees evacuated from the Idomeni border…

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Idomeni refugee camp evacuation operation continues

makis - May 26, 2016

The evacuation of the informal refugee camp at the northern Greek town of Idomeni continued on Wednesday, with about 1,000 people being transferred via bus to hospitality…

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Police video of Idomeni evacuation operation (Video)

Panos - May 24, 2016

Nearly 1,200 refugees and migrants have been relocated to the areas of Sindos and Derveni from Idomeni refugee camp on the northern borders of Greece and FYROM…

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Refugees tell of being pushed back into Greece from Balkans

ilias1 - May 22, 2016

Anwar Ismail Murad passed almost effortlessly along what has become known as the Balkan route, heading north from Greece to FYROM through Serbia, Croatia and on to Slovenia.…

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Migrants return to railway line at Idomeni hours after being removed

makis - Apr 18, 2016

Refugees again pitched their tents on the railway line connecting Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) at Idomeni on Monday just hours after police…

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Idomeni: Migrants and refugees re-occupy railroad line

Panos - Apr 18, 2016

The railroad line at Idomeni has been reoccupied by migrants and refugees, who set up tents once more, after initially being cleared out on Monday morning by…

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Idomeni: Refugees attempt to tear down fence on border

Panos - Apr 13, 2016

Clashes between FYROM police and refugees have reportedly broke out once again near the northern Greek town of Idomeni on Wednesday. Reports suggest that a group of…

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Greek police step up patrols, security near Idomeni camp

Panos - Apr 12, 2016

Greek police this week stepped up patrols and checks in and around the makeshift Idomeni refugee camp on the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia…

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Fears of further clashes in Idomeni

Panos - Apr 12, 2016

The violent incidents carried out on Sunday between refugees in Idomeni and FYROM police has caused a new rise in tension between Greece and FYROM, while the…

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Authorities discuss ways to evacuate Piraeus, Idomeni as deportations resume

Sokratis - Apr 09, 2016

As two more boatloads of migrants were deported from Greece Friday, in line with a European Union deal with Turkey that has come under fire from humanitarian…

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Idomeni: NGOs urge refugees to cross border

chris1 - Mar 27, 2016

The refugees and immigrants stranded at Idomeni are once more misinformed, since there are indications that people will try to distribute false information that the borders will…

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Die Welt: Violent incidents to break out at closed border in Idomeni

makis - Mar 25, 2016

German newspaper Die Welt published an article on refugee crisis warning of violent incidents in Idomeni. According to the article, the German Federal Police stresses at a…

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Buses sent to Idomeni camp to transfer refugees

makis - Mar 25, 2016

A fleet of buses has arrived in the sprawling refugee camp of Idomeni on Greece’s northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to take…

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Rising migrant tension prompts more security

chris1 - Mar 20, 2016

Growing unrest among thousands of stranded migrants and refugees across Greece over the last few days has prompted authorities to increase security at camps and shelters. “As…

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Greek PM makes fresh appeal to migrants to opt for organized camps

makis - Mar 15, 2016

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday urged refugees and migrants camped in squalid conditions at Idomeni on Greece’s northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of…

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Refugees attempt en masse to cross over into FYROM on Clean Monday

ilias1 - Mar 15, 2016

A group of hundreds of refugees attempted to cross over into FYROM on Clean Monday, unable to bear the living conditions at the camp in Idomeni. It…

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Government hands out flyers in Idomeni urging refugees to leave makeshift camp

Sokratis - Mar 12, 2016

The Greek government on Saturday started handing out flyers printed in Arabic, Farsi and Pashto to migrants and refugees camped out on the country’s northern border with…

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US official set for border visit

chris1 - Mar 06, 2016

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland may visit Greece this week with the aim of viewing firsthand the impact of the refugee crisis, sources in Brussels…

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About 10,000 refugees remain stranded on the border at Idomeni

Panos - Mar 03, 2016

The situation at the Greece-FYROM border crossing at Idomeni is growing increasingly dramatic, as only 500 refugees have been allowed to cross over, while about 10,000 are…

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FYROM authorities again bar passage to refugees at Idomeni

ilias1 - Jan 24, 2016

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) authorities again barred the passage of refugees through the Greece-FYROM border at Idomeni, starting at 6:00 on Friday morning. According to…