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98% Greeks in despair over economy: Pew Research Centre

makis - Jun 06, 2017

A Pew Research Centre report showed that people in most advanced economies were overall optimistic about the current economic conditions in their nations, except Greece which was…

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OECD report: Greeks pay highest taxes

makis - Apr 11, 2017

Greek citizens paid the highest tax rates among all 35 OECD countries in 2016, according to a report released. The data, focusing on the tax wages of…

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Greeks urged to aid in crackdown on tax dodgers

Sokratis - Aug 06, 2016

As authorities redouble their efforts to crack down on pervasive tax evasion, the Finance Ministry’s General Secretariat for Public Revenue Friday issued a statement urging consumers to…

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Greeks in Panama Papers to be investigated

makis - Apr 14, 2016

Greek financial prosecutors were expected to forward mutual assistance requests to judicial authorities in Panama in the wake of revelations in the Panama Papers regarding Greek administrators…

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How Greeks opened their hearts to strangers

ilias1 - Mar 13, 2016

Compassion, kindness, generosity of spirit: all three apply to Panayiota Drougas and her husband, Dimitris, as they pace the platform of the train station at Idomeni. There…