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Births in Greece down by 10.1 pct compared with 2001

The number of births in Greece in 2015 was 10.2 percent lower than those in 2001, according to figures published on Wednesday by the European Commission’s statistical agency, Eurostat. The data show that 102,282 children were born in Greece in 2001 but this number fell to 91,847 in 2015. This was the fifth highest relative […]

Ombudsman says Greek crisis has all the signs of a humanitarian crisis

After eight years of recession and increasing belt-tightening, Greece’s economic crisis is showing all the signs of a humanitarian crisis, Greek Ombudsman Andreas Pottakis warns in the authority’s annual report for 2016. In the report, which was submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, Pottakis says that social welfare services and policies, as well as tax authorities […]

Weather forecast: Clouds and Rain

Rain and south-southeasterly winds are forecast for Tuesday. Wind velocity will reach 7 on the Beaufort scale. Rain in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 06C to 16C. Clouds and rain in the eastern parts and temperatures between 06C and 17C. Clouds and rain over the Aegean islands and […]

Fraport Greece raises 620 mln euros in share offering

Fraport Greece, majority owned by Germany’s Fraport, said on Monday it has raised 620 million euros in a share offering bringing it closer to a deal to manage 14 regional Greek airports. Fraport signed a 1.2-billion-euro ($1.3 billion) deal in 2015 to operate the provincial airports on tourist islands including Corfu and Santorini, and has […]

Weather forecast: Scattered clouds rain

Scattered clouds and winds from variable directions are forecast for Monday. Wind velocity will reach 5 on the Beaufort scale. Scattered clouds and low visibility in the morning in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 08C to 19C. Scattered clouds in the eastern parts with temperatures between 06C and […]

Greece replaces Turkey as Germans’ second choice for holidays

Summer bookings to Turkey by German holidaymakers are down by more than half after a spate of bombings, with tourists instead heading to Greece and Egypt, according to German market researcher GfK. Tourism, which adds about $30 billion to Turkey’s gross domestic product each year, has been hammered by attacks blamed on Islamic State and […]

Deputy PM sees Greece back in markets in 2017

Greece’s deputy prime minister said on Friday the country could return to international bond markets this year if the current impasse with the bailout creditors is resolved quickly. Yiannis Dragasakis told a financial conference at Delphi that Greece could hold a 2017 “test auction” if negotiations with rescue lenders for the next round of loan […]

Shocking poverty level rise of 40% in Greece over 7 years!

Poverty in Greece has increased by a shocking 40% from 2008 to 2015, according to data released by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW). Cyprus with a 28.2% rise comes after Greece, followed by Ireland with a 28% increase. The study did not limit its criteria to the lowest income index, but included factors […]

Weather forecast: Partly cloudy

Partly cloudy and northwesterly winds are forecast for Thursday. Wind velocity will reach 7 on the Beaufort scale. Partly cloudy with a chance of rain in the northern parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 04C to 14C. Mostly fair in the western and eastern parts with temperatures between 07C and 18C. Clouds and […]

Half of Germans against debt relief for Greece

Around half of Germans are against granting debt relief to Greece and around three in 10 want it to quit the eurozone, a survey showed on Friday. The INSA poll for the Bild newspaper showed 46.4 percent of people living in Germany, Europe’s paymaster, thought giving Greece debt relief would be unfair for other eurozone […]

German Tour Operators: Demand for Greece is up

Bookings show an increased demand of Greece in summer, say German tour operators. According to Deutsche Welle, Germany’s largest tour operator, TUI registered a 4% increase in bookings for Greece in the current winter period and the coming summer, compared to the previous year. Thomas Cook, which is the second largest operator in terms of […]

IMF tough message to Greece-EU: Reforms now, or we are out

Following the harsh positions expressed by IMF officials on the Fund’s blog after the statements made by CEO Christine Lagarde on german TV, which essentially amounted to an ultimatum to Greece and its European creditor-partners that it would only participate in the program if a debt relief and lower primary surpluses were guaranteed, its representative […]

State assumes control of SNF cultural center amid concerns

Addressing the official ceremony for the handover of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center to the Greek state on Thursday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed “a generous donation” and acknowledged widespread concerns about the center’s fate in public hands. “The 617 million euros is a generous donation which gains even greater significance as it was […]

Weather forecast: Mostly fair

Mostly fair and westerly winds are forecast for Friday. Wind velocity will reach 5 on the Beaufort scale. Mostly fair in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 05C to 18C. Fair weather in the eastern parts with temperatures between 07C and 20C. Fair over the Aegean islands and Crete, […]

Islanders resist new migrant centers, governors assume duties

Government plans to create pre-departure detention centers for migrants ineligible for refugee status have run into opposition from locals on Chios and other eastern Aegean islands, Kathimerini understands. Authorities say the new facilities will accelerate returns to Turkey and, as a result, help reduce the numbers of migrants and refugees on the islands which currently […]

Missing American found safe and sound in western Greece

A US national who went missing on Sunday in the area of Kaloudi in Aitoloacarnania, western Greece, was found safe and sound on Monday morning by a rescue team. The 28-year-old called the emergency 112 number on Sunday evening, saying he had lost his way while driving from the town of Nafpaktos to Kaloudi and […]