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Thessaloniki pharmacist chief warns of medicine shortages

The Thessaloniki Pharmacists’ Association on Monday warned of serious shortages in a number of important drugs, claiming that each pharmacy on its register sends away an average of 15 customers a day and in some cases has to wait as long as four months to fill their prescriptions. “Right now we have a serious shortage […]

Weather Forecast: Scattered rain

Scattered rain initially in the east and later in the rest of mainland Greece and northerly winds are forecast for Monday. Wind velocity will reach 7 on the Beaufort scale. Clouds and rain in the northern parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 5C-15C. Scattered clouds and rain in the evening in the western […]

Weather Forecast: Mostly fair

Mostly fair weather and northerly winds are forecast for Friday. Wind velocity will reach 5 on the Beaufort scale. Partly cloudy in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 06C to 22C. Mostly fair in the eastern parts with temperatures between 09C and 22C. Mostly fair over the Aegean islands […]

Weather forecast: Mostly fair

Mostly fair weather and winds from variable directions are forecast for Wednesday. Wind velocity will reach 6 on the Beaufort scale. Scattered clouds in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 04C to 21C. Mostly fair in the eastern parts with temperatures between 09C and 21C. Cloudy with a chance […]

Greece ranks 87th out of 155 countries in UN Happiness report

Greece has been ranked 87th out of 155 countries listed in the United Nations annual World Happiness Report. According to the report, which factors in income, life expectancy, social support, and levels of generosity, freedom and trust, Greece, the Central African Republic and Venezuela experienced the biggest happiness drops in the period stretching from 2014 […]

3 Greeks in Forbes billionaire list for 2017

Three Greeks were included in this year’s Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, and specifically Philip Niarchos, Aristotelis Mystakidis and Spyros Latsis, with the first and third being the scions of well-known shipping families, while the second is a mining tycoon. Although the fortune ascribed to each is more-or-less the same as last year’s list, […]

Study proves Slavic DNA in Greeks of Peloponnese little

A new population genetics study proves that the presence of Slavic DNA in Greeks living the Peloponnesian peninsula was very limited. The DNA study, which was published in the magazine “European Journal of Human Genetics”, was conducted by genetics professor George Stamatogiannopoulos from Washington University in Seattle, and revealed that modern-day Peloponnesians have between 0.2% […]

Parcel bomb sent to IMF also mailed from Greece, says minister

The parcel bomb sent to the offices of the Internationals Monetary Fund (IMF) in Paris which wounded one woman was sent by Greece and the sender cited on the package was New Democracy spokesman Vasilis Kikilias, Alternate Citizens Protection Minister Nikos Toskas said on Thursday (17/03/2017), speaking at the evening newscast of ANT1 TV channel. […]

Weather forecast: Partly cloudy

Clouds and winds from variable directions are forecast for Friday. Wind velocity will reach 5 on the Beaufort scale. Cloudy with a chance of rain in the northern and western parts of the country and temperatures ranging from 03C to 15C. Partly cloudy in the eastern parts with temperatures between 04C and 17C. Partly cloudy […]

Citizens’ protection minister: French authorities say IMF parcel bomb sent from Greece

Greece’s Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas told ANT1 television channel on Thursday that French authorities said a parcel bomb that arrived at the Paris offices of the International Monetary Fund on Thursday and left an employee with minor injuries when it exploded, had been sent from Greece. Toskas said the name of the spokesman for […]

Ministers brief SYRIZA MPs on progress of bailout talks

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and Labor and Social Insurance Minister Effie Achtsioglou on Wednesday briefed SYRIZA lawmakers on the progress of bailout talks and the sticking points but the move appeared to increase MPs’ concerns rather than easing them. The 45 SYRIZA MPs who attended the briefing, less than a third of the party’s 144 […]

Three more Turkish officers in Greece, but unaccounted for!

According to the lawyer of the two Turkish officers that surrended to the Greek authorities, Stavroula Tomara, there were three more officers with them that left first from Orestiada to Thessaloniki by bus. However, their tracks were lost and now there are fears for their lives, as Ms Tomara can not rule they are in […]

Greece making progress in prison overcrowding, Council of Europe reports

Significant reductions of over 10 percent were recorded in the incarceration rate in Greece (-18.8 percent), Croatia (-10 percent) and Denmark (-11 percent) between 2014 and 2015, according to the Council of Europe’s annual penal statistics (SPACE), published on Tuesday. The SPACE report also noted an improvement in overcrowding in Greek penitentiaries, where prison density […]

Fugitive wanted in UK nabbed on Greece’s border with Albania

Police at Greece’s border with Albania in Kakavia have apprehended a man wanted on an international arrest warrant issued by British authorities. The Albanian national is expected to be extradited to the UK, where he will have to answer to charges of importing, supplying and distributing illegal narcotics in the spring and summer of 2015.

New residence permits to be issued for foreigners living in Greece

Adhesive labels in passports and all other kinds of paperwork relating to foreign nationals living in Greece are to be scrapped and replaced by a new, electronic residence permit that will also double up as an identity card. There are currently 557,476 third-country nationals living in Greece legally and, according to a circular issued by […]