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EU to reinforce Frontex presence in Greece, says German report

The European Union border control agency Frontex was reinforcing its presence in Greece, a Spiegel Online report said on Tuesday. According to the report, an increased Frontex presence pointed to the EU preparing the ground for a possible cancellation of a deal signed with Turkey regarding migrants. About 60 Frontex employees were expected to be […]

EU’s Frontex seeks 1,500 police for Greece

The European Union border control agency Frontex says it’s seeking 1,500 police officers and 50 readmissions officers from the bloc’s member states to help Greece return migrants to Turkey. The announcement Monday comes after the 28-member bloc and Turkey reached a deal last Friday under which migrants who arrive in Greece will be returned to […]

Frontex: Greece needs more ships, planes

The head of Europe’s border control agency says more border officers, ships and planes are needed to guard Greece’s sprawling maritime border, where most migrants enter the 28-nation European Union. Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri says Tuesday the agency’s 2016 budget has been increased to 250 million euros ($275 million) from 142 million euros last year. […]

EU patrol rescues 900 migrants at sea, says Frontex

The EU border agency Frontex said one of its maritime patrols rescued around 900 migrants on Thursday near the Greek island of Lesvos as weather conditions have made the sea crossing more dangerous. “Were picking up all the migrants we encounter (at sea) because bad weather and cold make the risks much higher now than […]

Frontex starts operations in Greece with 293 officers

Frontex started on Monday the deployment of 293 officers and 15 vessels to the Greek islands as part of the new Poseidon Rapid Intervention operation, which comes after the country requested additional assistance at its external borders in the Aegean earlier this month. Poseidon Rapid Intervention replaces the Joint Operation Poseidon Sea with a higher […]

Frontex agents to arrive at Greek-FYROM border next week

Frontex agents will be deployed at Greece’s border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) next week in order to assist in the registration and fingerprinting of refugees and migrants arriving there, European Commission spokeswoman on migration issues Natasha Bertaud said on Monday. “On Friday we had confirmation of two things from Greece: one […]

Frontex examining Greek request for RABIT support in the Aegean

The European Union’s external border protection agency Frontex is currently examining a request submitted by Greek authorities for the the deployment of Rapid Border Intervention Teams (RABIT) on Greek islands in the Aegean. Frontex is expected to come to a decision within five days. Should Frontex accept the Greek request, then EU member states and […]

Frontex joins in guarding of Greek-FYROM borders

Greeks will collaborate with European guards to manage their frontier with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) said Frontex, the EU border agency, on Thursday after a deal was brokered to address concerns over Athens’ commitment to control migration. The deal came after other EU states piled pressure on Greece ot accept help for […]

Frontex to deploy forces on Greek-Albanian border

The European Union border protection agency Frontex says it will deploy forces along Greece’s border with neighboring Albania. Frontex head Fabrice Leggeri on Friday told Albanian television station Top Channel the agency wants to prevent migrants from attempting to reach Western Europe by traveling through Albania. That route isn’t used at the moment by the […]

Frontex chief to arrest undocumented migrants

Frontex Chief Fabrice Leggeri told German tabloid Bild that the influx of refugees to Europe is expected to increase. He called on EU countries to “arrest if necessary” in cases where refugees do not have the right to asylum status. “Whoever travels illegally doesn’t have the right to receive asylum and should be rapidly returned […]