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Law firm accused of manipulating Competition Commission, blackmailing companies

A law firm appears to have filed a number of fabricated complaints with the Hellenic Competition Commission in recent months with the aim of blackmailing the companies accused in those complaints. Kathimerini understands the law firm is connected to a former senior member of the independent authority, whose name received a lot of publicity in […]

Tsipras sends firm message to Ankara during annual ceremony

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday sought to send a message of unity during the annual Blessing of the Waters ceremony while sending a clear message to Ankara that Greece remains determined to protect its borders. In a speech in Alexandroupolis, Tsipras said he extended a message of “friendship toward all peoples,” noting that Greece […]

Indian firm said to be eyeing Iraklio airport

Indian airport operator and construction firm GMR Infrastructure is reportedly pondering an offer for the development of an airport in Kasteli, in the Iraklio prefecture of Crete. The Bengaluru-based company already operates two of India’s busiest airports, in Delhi and Hyderabad, as well the Mactan Cebu International Airport in the Philippines. India’s Hindustan Times on […]