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Man opens fire on police in Omonia

Police exchanged gunfire in central Omonia Square with a man “acting suspiciously” on Saturday morning, authorities said. According to reports, the man, a foreign national, allegedly opened fire on police, injuring one officer, after refusing to stop for questioning while walking down the street. Police said they fired back and eventually caught up with the […]

Wildfire in gorge on Evia island

A wildfire broke out on Tuesday at a remote area inside a gorge near Karystos, Evia island. A strong force of firemen assisted by two firefighting aircrafts are currently in the area battling the blaze. Strong winds blowing in the area are hindering firefighting efforts. Inhabited areas are not in danger.

Crete: Man confesses to setting 9 fires in 4 days in Iraklio

A 32-year-old man has confessed to setting nine fires in the city of Iraklio within the span of four days, earlier in October. The man was arrested following an investigation by the local authorities. The man faced the prosecutor, who addressed charges for intentionally setting fires between the 5th and 9th of October. According to […]

Migrants Rescued from Fire at Refugee Camp in Thessaloniki

Authorities in Thessaloniki are investigating the cause of a fire that broke out Saturday at a migrant reception center near the Thessaloniki Port Authority. Twelve firefighters along with members of the Greek Coast Guard joined forces to rescue some dozens of migrants from the flames. There were no serious injuries reported and only one migrant […]

Strong winds fan several fires across Greece

Firefighters were battled blazes in different parts of the country on Tuesday though strong winds hampered their efforts. A team of firemen managed to contain a blaze that broke out in the area of Palaiomanina near the city of Agrinio in western Greece in the morning, razing a large expanse of oak forest. Firefighters remained […]

Fire burning in downtown Lefkada

A fire has broken out on the island of Lefkada in the centre of the Ionian island’s town. The blaze is burring houses in the old town, and according to Lefkadapress.gr, three houses have already burt down, while the risk of its spreading to other houses is high. 8 fire engines and 20 fire-fighters are […]

Wildfire causes major environmental disaster in Evia

The wildfire that broke out in north Evia has caused a major environmental disaster, as initial estimations suggest that over 30,000 acres of the forest have gone up in flames. Although the wildfire was finally set under control late on Monday afternoon, the Fire Brigade remains on full alert, while crews are creating firewalls to […]

Major forests fires break out in Lasithi, Pieria and Ioannina

Firefighters in Crete have been struggling to contain a major fire that broke out in the Selekano forest near Ierapetra in Lasithi on Monday evening. Although the Fire Brigade was quick to respond to the blaze, with support from municipal forces, the fire quickly spread across the forest due to strong winds in the area. […]

Fire threatens residential areas on Leros

Two water-dropping planes and one helicopter were helping fight a fire that broke out early Monday near the village of Partheni, on the eastern Aegean island of Leros. Local officials have called for reinforcements as the blaze is said to threaten residential areas. No more details were immediately available.

Dervenochoria fire dying out – Fire Brigade remains on alert

The forest fire at Dervenochoria appears to be dying out, with the Fire Brigade announcing late on Tuesday that it is partially under control. The Tuesday afternoon thunderstorms greatly helped the Fire Brigade, however there are over 100 firefighters, along with a helicopter, on standby in Attica, in case of a resurgence, since strong winds […]

Dervenochoria fire carries on for fourth consecutive day

Over 5,000 acres of woodland have gone up in flames in Viotia, as the major fire in Dervenochoria continues for a fourth consecutive day, fueled by the strong winds in the area. The fire has split into three fronts, the first of which is towards the Panakto, Prasino and Lefka settlemtns, one south of Stefani […]

Forest fire in Dervenochoria rages on through the weekend

Nearly 200 firefighters, soldiers and volunteers have been deployed in Dervenochoria, Viotia where a major fire broke out over the weekend an has burned a large section of the pine forest. On Sunday evening the fire split into two fronts, one with a southwest direction towards Magoula, while the other headed east towards Parnitha. The […]

Hopes huge Cyprus forest fire can be contained

A Cypriot official says there’s a glimmer of hope firefighters can contain a one of the nation’s worst forest fires as many fronts have now been placed under control. Forestry Department spokesman Andreas Christou says high winds which have made firefighting difficult in the mountainous terrain appeared to have died down Wednesday. This could help […]

Fire in Greek camp burns more than a dozen tents

A fire broke out in a refugee camp in northern Greece Wednesday, burning more than a dozen tents and sparking a protest by refugees. Police said at least two people were taken to a hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. The blaze started from a tent in the Diavata camp, near the northern city of Thessaloniki, […]