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Political tensions throughout Europe could lead to a serious economic slowdown
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Political tensions throughout Europe could lead to a serious economic slowdown

Panos - Feb 12, 2019

The European economy is stuck, and this has nothing to do with Brexit. Try this question: out of the four largest European economies – Germany, the UK,…

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Enhanced communication leads to a better Europe

ilias1 - Nov 12, 2018

In recent years Europe’s severe weakness on the road to integration is communication. Many citizens around region have absolutely no clue what Europe is about. Apparently, they…

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ENI drilling could lead to positive development for Europe

makis - Aug 01, 2017

Italy’s energy giant ENI is currently carrying out drilling offshore Cyprus and this could lead to a positive development for the whole of Europe. This is what…

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Athens keeps low profile in face of Erdogan rhetoric

chris1 - Nov 27, 2016

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s calls for a review, albeit a partial one, of the Lausanne Treaty of 1923 which set the borders of Greece and Turkey,…

Χωρίς κατηγορία
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EU official: Cyprus accord ‘game changer’ for bloc, region

Sokratis - Oct 29, 2016

A deal reunifying ethnically divided Cyprus would be a "game changer" for the European Union and a conflict-wracked region in need of good news to restore faith…

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Chios may be left without air link to Europe in 2017

Sokratis - Sep 24, 2016

The looming risk for Chios is being left without air links to other European countries in 2017. This is due to the negative image created in foreign…

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UN war crimes panel seeks access to refugees in Europe

makis - Sep 19, 2016

UN war crimes investigators on Monday called on European countries to let them interview more newly-arrived Syrian refugees to document fresh violations, saying it had become increasingly…

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Europe must have a new vision, Tsipras says after Bratislava summit

Sokratis - Sep 17, 2016

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Friday that “Europe must change or face an existential crisis which could lead it to an impasse,” after a summit of…

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Refugee crisis topping premier’s list of concerns

chris1 - Sep 11, 2016

Topping the list of concerns of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in recent days and weeks, according to sources close to the premier, is the refugee crisis as…

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Greek PM urges Europe to return to more humane roots

Sokratis - Jun 25, 2016

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday said that the result of Thursday’s British referendum on continued European Union membership came as no surprise given the “extreme policies…

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Europe and IMF offer differing proposals for Greek debt relief

Panos - May 24, 2016

Although there is major optimism about an agreement being reached at Tuesday’s crucial Eurogroup meeting in Brussels, Greece’s European partners and the IMF are making radically different…

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Mitsotakis: “Political reforms are necessary for Europe”

makis - May 18, 2016

The President of New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed that the main dividing line in Europe is not so much between the Left and the Right, but rather…

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German minister says refugee, migrant crisis may have peaked

chris1 - Apr 03, 2016

On the eve of the first expulsions of refugees from Greece to Turkey under a deal to slow the influx of migrants to western Europe, Germany's interior…

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Europe and IMF meet in Brussels to debate solutions for Greece

makis - Mar 02, 2016

Greece will be the main topic on the agenda between the European institutions and IMF at Wednesday’s meeting in Brussels. Reports suggest that Poul Thomsen will also…

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Moscovici: Refugee crisis could boost EU growth

Panos - Feb 29, 2016

The refugee crisis could boost the EU’s anemic growth by forcing governments to increase public expenditure, European Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has said. “This…

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Refugee crisis ‘a near existential’ threat to Europe, says Kerry

Sokratis - Feb 13, 2016

The mass influx of refugees and other migrants into Europe spells a "near existential threat" to the continent, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday. "We…