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Private clinics claiming 130 million euros from the State

Panos - Oct 03, 2016

The union of private clinics in Greece (SEK) has warned the Ministry of Health on the “major delays” in the repayment of old debts from EOPYY, dating…

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EOPYY doctors issue warning on contracts expiring end of June

Panos - Jun 17, 2016

The union of EOPYY doctors (ENI-EOPYY) has issued a statement warning that many primary healthcare units may end up without any doctors in July, since many contracts…

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EOPYY doctors announce work retention as of 1st of June

Panos - May 23, 2016

The union of EOPYY doctors has announced a work retention coming into effect on the 1st of June over outstanding payments from January. According to the union…

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EOPYY committee formed to negotiate cost of medicines

makis - Feb 16, 2016

The Ministers of Health and Finances have signed a joint ministerial decision to form a negotiation committee for the national healthcare services provider EOPYY. The committee, which…