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Police bust cocaine and cannabis dealing gang

The Greek Police (ELAS) on Tuesday announced the arrest of 10 suspects believed to belong to a large drug-trafficking ring. Authorities seized 173 kilograms of unprocessed cannabis and nearly 300 grams of cocaine that had not yet been diluted for sale during raids conducted in different parts of the Greek capital and in Ioannina in […]

Crackdown on Exarchia drug gang ‘extremely successful,’ says minister

Police on Monday night completed a large-scale operation to crack down on a drug gang operating in and around the downtown Athens district of Exarchia, where there have been frequent conflicts between police, dealers and self-styled anarchists for many years. The deployment of at least 65 police officers in the area led to the arrest […]

Boxer and nightclub owner arrested over drug trafficking

The police have arrested a well-known boxer, as well as a nightclub and restaurant owner, during an operation to unravel a drug trafficking ring that operated in the city center of Athens, especially Kolonaki. According to police reports, the drug trafficking ring had over 40 regular clients, many of whom are media celebrities and entrepreneurs. […]

Drug dealing ring dismantled

Two men aged 33 and 35 and a 29-year old woman all of Albanian nationality all members of a drug dealing ring were arrested at the Athens suburbs of Aghia Paraskevi and Argyroupoli. The gang imported the drugs from Albania. A police raid in houses and vehicles used by the three suspects revealed and confiscated […]