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Government working on new anti-graft initiative

After this week’s presentation showcasing the work of its anti-corruption body over the last 15 months, the government is reportedly planning to set up offices where citizens can file anonymous corruption complaints. According to sources, the new measure will be included in a bill that will be tabled in Parliament after summer and that will […]

Where Cyprus-Greece rank in latest corruption index?

Spain’s standing in a global corruption index has fallen the heaviest of all EU states, according to Euronews analysis of official data. Experts say Madrid’s 10 percent plunge (to 58 points) in Transparency International’s (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index over the last four years is linked to the financial crisis and subsequent austerity measures. The index […]

Papangelopoulos: “The government will not tolerate judicial coups”

From the stand in Parliament the Alternate Minister of Justice Dimitris Papangelopoulos warned that “the government will not tolerate judicial coups”, following up an earlier statement last month where he referred to individual who use various “legal and illegal tricks to block the work of justice”. Additionally Mr. Papangelopoulos opined that the amnesty that was issued […]