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Centeno: Don’t expected unpleasant surprises by Greece

Panos - Nov 21, 2018

Eurogroup president Mario Centeno on Tuesday expressed his conviction that thrice bailed-out Greece will remain on a "reform path" and meet its obligations to creditors. Centeno, in…

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Centeno: Greek debt relief extended ‘if necessary’, and assuming program successfully completed

Panos - Jun 07, 2018

Eurogroup president Mario Centeno cited two conditions for new Greek debt relief measures, ones included in a report his submitted for the Eurogroup meeting concluded last month,…

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Centeno: EZ will develop debt relief plan for Greece that’s ‘credible to markets’

Panos - Jun 04, 2018

Reuters quoted Eurogroup president Mario Centeno over the weekend as saying that Euro zone lenders will develop a package of debt relief deal for Greece that will…

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ENGLISH Eurogroup’s Centeno: Athens must take possession of reforms; decisions over debt relief, supervision pending

Panos - Apr 20, 2018

Eurogroup president Mario Centeno on Thursday reiterated that the current Greek government must take "possession" of the battery of reforms it has agreed to with creditors, something…

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Eurogroup chief: ‘I see enormous potential in Greece’

Panos - Mar 07, 2018

Greece has enormous potential and is getting ready to stand on its own feet when it exits its EU bailout in August, Eurogroup leader Mario Centeno told…

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Centeno: “We must start the discussion on Greek debt relief”

makis - Nov 22, 2016

The European Union should discuss debt relief for Greece and potentially move ahead even without the International Monetary Fund, underlined Portugal’s Minister of Finance Mario Centeno in…