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The necessity of maintaining borders

Since the failed coup in Turkey on July 15, I have been rather surprised by the silence of the country’s intellectuals, who up until recently had been very talkative. Whether they kept silent out of fear or discomfort, we should respect it. Nevertheless, Orhan Pamuk’s silence, for instance, cannot go unnoticed. The point is not […]

Bulgaria says ready to erect fence on border with Greece

Bulgaria is ready to build a fence on its border with Greece to keep out migrants amid fears they could head its way after the Western Balkan route was closed, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said on Friday. Parliament last month voted to let its army assist police in guarding the European Union member’s borders to […]

Activists place banner on the Acropolis for open borders

The Safe Passage-Stop Wars initiative has placed a banner on the Acropolis in Athens, demanding open borders, safe passage to refugees and an end to war. Due to the closed border policy it has been estimated that over 46,000 refugees have effectively been “trapped” in Greece, unable to carry on their journey into Europe. The […]

Bulgaria to beef up security on border with Greece

Bulgaria will send over 400 troops and other security personnel to guard its border with Greece, amid fears the migrant flow along the Balkan route will pick up with the onset of warmer weather, the country’s prime minister said Saturday. “Hundreds of people, more than 400, from the army, paramilitary police and police, will stay […]

Turkey denies claim it blocked launch of NATO’s Aegean mission

Ankara has denied a report saying it stopped over the weekend the launch of a NATO mission aimed at cracking down on criminal networks smuggling refugees into Europe. In comments made to Hurriyet Daily News Wednesday, Turkish officials speaking on condition of anonymity rebuffed the allegation as “fabricated and most probably aimed at creating provocation.” […]

U.N.’s Ban urges European countries to keep borders open for refugees

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced concern on Friday about increasing border restrictions in the Balkans and Austria for migrants and refugees streaming toward Europe and urged all countries to keep their frontiers open. Ban’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Turkey is hosting more than 2.6 million refugees and asylum seekers, and the influx to Greece from […]

Borders are not totally closed, European Commission claims

The European Commission does not consider that Greece’s border with FYROM is fully closed, as according to EU spokesperson on immigration, Natasha Bertaud, the countries of Western Balkans continue being open to a dialogue and European Commission “continues acting as a coordinator between them”. While there are thousands of refugees and migrants stuck in Greek-FYROM […]

Borders will not close, insists Tsipras after talks

The threat of Greece being excluded from the European Union’s passport-free Schengen area has disappeared, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras argued on Saturday after the conclusion of a lengthy leaders’ summit in Brussels. “There are and will be no closed borders,” Tsipras told Parliament, after all 28 EU leaders agreed to hold a separate summit to […]

More than 2,000 refugees cross Greece- FYROM borders

Greek authorities say more than 2,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq have crossed into FYROM from Greece, a day after the border closed down following clashes between migrants. More than 3,000 people remain stuck on the Greek side of the border, as FYROM and other Balkan countries refuse to let them through, considering them economic migrants […]

Frontex examining Greek request for RABIT support in the Aegean

The European Union’s external border protection agency Frontex is currently examining a request submitted by Greek authorities for the the deployment of Rapid Border Intervention Teams (RABIT) on Greek islands in the Aegean. Frontex is expected to come to a decision within five days. Should Frontex accept the Greek request, then EU member states and […]

FYROM army starts building fence on Greek border

Soldiers in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) began erecting a metal fence on Saturday on the country’s southern border with Greece, but the government said it had no plans to seal off access to refugees fleeing war and heading to western Europe. Soldiers drove metal poles around 3 metres high into the cold, muddy […]

Protesters, police clash at Greece’s north border (photos)

Protesters clashed with police guarding a border fence in northern Greece Saturday, following a series of sea accidents that killed dozens of migrants and a warning from authorities that the death toll is likely rise in coming weeks. About 500 anti-government protesters, who traveled from Athens and several towns in northern Greece were involved in […]