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Don’t cheer Greece’s bailout exit just yet

Panos - Aug 27, 2018

FOR once Europe has an exit to celebrate rather than dread. On Monday, more than eight years after its first euro zone bailout, Greece left its third…

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Greece exits bailout, but no quick recovery ahead

Panos - Aug 23, 2018

On 20 August, Greece exited the three-year EU bailout plan it accepted when it was on the verge of bankruptcy and close to be pushed out of…

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Greece set to exit bailout, still faces daunting challenges

Panos - Aug 17, 2018

Greece exits the last of its three bailouts on Aug. 20 and hopes to be able to borrow again in international markets after a nearly nine-year debt…

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Bailout talks to resume on Tuesday, says government spokesman

makis - Apr 20, 2017

The government on Thursday sought to set out a roadmap for the return of economic stability to Greece, with its spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos announcing that foreign auditors…

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Bailout monitors unlikely to return to Athens after Eurogroup, official says

makis - Mar 20, 2017

The chances of representatives of Greece's international creditors returning to Athens after Monday's Eurogroup meeting to resume bailout talks are very slim, a European official told Kathimerini,…

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ELA trend reversed on bailout worries

makis - Mar 13, 2017

Emergency central bank funding to Greek lenders rose by 300 million euros, or 0.7 percent, in February compared to the previous month, Bank of Greece data showed…

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Greek bailout program would end if IMF pulled out, Schaeuble says

makis - Feb 06, 2017

Germany believes the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will remain on board with Greece's bailout, a finance ministry spokesman reiterated on Monday, but said that a IMF decision…

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Bailout deal not likely till January, EU official says

Sokratis - Dec 03, 2016

Government officials are gearing up for a long-awaited summit of eurozone finance ministers on Monday where the prospects for Greek debt relief are expected to be discussed,…

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Stournaras: “The bailout review must conclude by the end of 2016”

makis - Nov 29, 2016

The Governor of the Bank of Greece Yannis Stournaras underlined that Greece can achieve a 2% primary budget surplus percent next year, warning that the main risk…

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Papadimitriou rules out the possibility and need for a fourth bailout

makis - Nov 08, 2016

The new Minister of Economy Dimitris Papadimitriou expressed his confidence that there will not be a fourth bailout agreement, in an interview on ERT. “In 2017 Greece…

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Bailout review needs a debt agreement, eurozone official says

Sokratis - Nov 05, 2016

The second bailout review is unlikely to conclude without an agreement on a Greek debt settlement that would satisfy the International Monetary Fund, a senior eurozone official…

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Preparations for the second bailout review set to begin

makis - Oct 17, 2016

The technical teams of Greece’s creditors and partners are currently in Athens, with the head of European Commission’s mission to Greece Declan Costello Declan Costello, the ECB’s…

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Measures to be taken in August ahead of the second bailout review

makis - Aug 02, 2016

Thousands of pensioners, who earn more than 1,300 euros per months, will see their supplementary pensions slashed in August, between 3% and 30%. This measure was included…

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Lagarde: “The IMF will not abandon the Greek program”

ilias1 - Apr 16, 2016

The General Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde stated that the IMF will not abandon the Greek program, but noted that its participation may adapt…

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Schäuble: “A deal is a deal…”

ilias1 - Mar 05, 2016

Germany’s Minister of Finances Wolfgang Schäuble asked the Greek government to avoid using the refugee crisis as an excuse to not implement the terms of the latest…

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Brussels estimates that the Greek bailout review may take months

ilias1 - Feb 13, 2016

A report by the MNI news agency, which cites an unnamed high ranking EU officer, suggests that the review of the Greek bailout program may take months.…

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“The Grexit is a closed chapter”

ilias1 - Jan 31, 2016

The governor of the Bank of Greece Yannis Stournaras was adamant that the possibility of ‘Grexit’ is “a closed chapter”, in an interview he gave to the…

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IMF reiterates call for a significant reduction of Greece’s public debt

ilias1 - Jan 23, 2016

The ECB chief is expected to call for the swift conclusion of the bailout review, so that talks on debt relief may begin. The Greek side aims…

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Bailout review process may be delayed

Sokratis - Jan 16, 2016

It appears that the representatives of Greece’s creditors may not arrive in Athens on Monday after all as they have just requested additional data on the 2016…