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Attica police collar heist gang

Police authorities in southeastern Attica said on Monday they had unraveled a gang that had been robbing homes, betting agencies and stores and arrested its leaders, a 26-year-old Albanian national and a 25-year-old Romanian. A manhunt has been launched for a third suspect. According to reports, the gang had been active over the last four […]

Priest, 47, found killed and bound in east Attica

A priest aged 47 was found dead in his home in Gerakas, east of Athens, shortly after midnight on Tuesday. The priest’s body was lying in a pool of blood and he was bound hand and foot. A blood-soaked pillow was also found beside his body, investigators said. Police added that there were no signs […]

Police break Attica burglary ring

Police in Attica said on Wednesday that they had detained three suspected members of a ring believed to have carried out a string of robberies at homes and jewelry stores across Attica since the summer, netting hundreds of thousands of euros’ worth of jewelry and other valuables. The suspects – a 24-year-old Greek man, a […]

Greece sees increase in robberies across the nation

The number of robberies across the country has risen significantly in the first half of 2016 compared to last year, according to police data. A total of 2,456 robberies were recorded in the period stretching from January to June, compared to 2,203 incidents in the same period last year. In Attica, there were 1,867 robberies […]

Bank of Greece issues damning report on Attica Bank

The Bank of Greece has documented major shortfalls and omissions by Attica Bank in critical sectors, according to an inspection carried out for the ECB’s Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). Problems were identified in Attica Bank’s administration, credit risk management and in computerized system. Irregularities were also found in the recent capital increase that was carried […]

Bank of Greece blocks funding and appointments to Attica Bank

The Bank of Greece has blocked funding towards Attica Bank and rejected the appointment of a new bank president. This dramatic development came after the home of the BoG Governor Yannis Stournaras was raided by corruption prosecutors, over his wife’s alleged involvement in an advertising scandal. Aside from blocking funding towards Attica Bank, the Bank […]

Attica Bank begins share capital increase plan

Attica Bank on Monday said its shares will be temporary suspended from trading in the Athens Stock Exchange from Tuesday, 1 December and will be delisted from the OASIS system in order to be replaced by 69,327,361 shares, of a nominal value of 5.9 euros each after completion of a reverse split process. The bank […]

Fourth person found dead following floods in Attica

A man was found dead in the Menidi stream in Eastern Attica on Wednesday evening. Preliminary reports attribute his death to drowning and place it approximately four days ago, according to Greek media reports. Most of the middle-aged man’s body was covered in leaves and mud when police officers found him. The man has yet […]