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Seven indicted for stealing army fuel

A Thessaloniki prosecutor has indicted seven people, including a senior army officer, to stand trial on charges of stealing fuel from a pipeline used by the Greek military and selling it for a profit. The members of the alleged racket are believed to have stolen nearly 294,762 liters of fuel worth some 300,000 euros.

Cyprus to shorten compulsory army service

The Cypriot cabinet agreed Thursday to reduce national service for conscripts from 24 months to 14, in the biggest reform of the military in decades on the divided Mediterranean island. The change comes after Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and the leader of the breakaway state in northern Cyprus Mustafa Akinci said last month that […]

Police arrest suspect over Hezbollah links

Greek police say they have arrested a 49-year-old man that is believed to have been supplying weapons to Hezbollah. The suspect, who holds American as well as Jordanian nationality, was arrested at a hotel in Aspropyrgos, west of Athens, on Tuesday. Greek authorities are said to have acted on a tip from US intelligence. The […]

US to send elite troops to Iraq to fight ISIL

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter offered few details on the new “expeditionary” group, but said it would be larger than the roughly 50 US special operations troops being sent to Syria to fight the ultra-hardline Sunni militants there. “These special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and […]