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Woman and child injured in clashes at Chios migrant camp

A woman and a child were injured in overnight clashes between Afghan and Algerian migrants at a camp on the eastern Aegean island of Chios on Wednesday night. No details were released regarding their ages or the exact nature of their injuries, though, a local news site, said the pair was taken to hospital. […]

Greece, stokes fears of fallout

Police and the fire service in northern Greece were on Wednesday investigating the cause of a large fire that ripped through a 600-year-old Ottoman mosque in Didymoteicho in the early hours of the morning, causing extensive damage but no injuries. The Bayezid Mosque, a cultural monument rather than a functioning prayer site, had been undergoing […]

Greek Foreign Ministry: No Greeks among London terror attacks

The Greek Foreign Ministry released a statement expressing its horror over the “hideous and cowardly terrorist attack” in London, Wednesday. “Greece unequivocally condemns terrorism and stands by the government and people OF THE United Kingdom”, the statement reads. The statement stresses that the Greek Embassy is closely following the ongoing developments, adding that so far […]

Dijsselbloem comes under southern fire for comments on women, drink

With the backlash over the derogatory remarks about crisis-stricken Southern European made by Jeroen Dijsselbloem – the chief of the eurozone’s finance ministers – in full swing on Wednesday, Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said the Dutch official was divisive and “completely misguided.” “[The comment] adopts stereotypes that widen the chasm between north and south,” […]

Weather Forecast: Mostly fair on Thursday

Mostly fair weather and northerly winds are forecast for Thursday. Wind velocity will reach 5 on the Beaufort scale. Partly cloudy in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 06C to 22C. Mostly fair in the eastern parts with temperatures between 09C and 22C. Mostly fair over the Aegean islands […]

ND will not back new economic measures, senior official says

New Democracy will not back further austerity, a senior conservative official said Wednesday, one day after German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble suggested Greece’s political opposition needed to endorse measures after 2019, when the next Greek elections are scheduled to take place. “We shall not whitewash the government’s mistakes,” ND vice president Costis Hatzidakis told Skai […]

Tzanakopoulos: Lenders also responsible for bailout review progress

Responsibility for concluding Greece’s bailout review does not just lie with Athens, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos has said adding that lenders must respect the memorandum of understanding signed with the country. Speaking at a press briefing Wednesday, Tzanakopoulos said that Athens was looking for a comprehensive deal with creditors in April. Asked about Eurogroup chief […]

Pavlopoulos: EU would never be the same without Greece

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Wednesday (22/03/2017) stressed the importance of creating a firm front to coordinate our actions and promote the country’s interests during the current critical times when we are faced with important challenges that will determine the long term future of Greece as well as of our great European Family in which […]

Schaeuble: Opposition must sign the new measures too

A political upheaval has started in Athens after the creditors’ demand from the Greek opposition to back the economic measures after 2019 elections. The first such statement was made by the French Finance Minister Michel Sapin. According to him, the IMF wants the country’s main opposition party, New Democracy, to practically sign the new measures. […]

Police investigate armed robbery of Kallithea gas station

Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place about 3 a.m. Wednesday at a gas station on Thisseos Street, in the neighbourhood of Kallithea, south of Athens. A store clerk told police that a man brandishing a firearm demanded cash. The clerk gave the robber an undisclosed amount of money and the robber fled. […]

Fire damages Didymoteicho mosque

A fire badly damaged the Bayezid (Mehmed I) mosque in Didymoteicho, northern Greece, in the early hours of Wednesday, reports say. Reports say the fire completely destroyed the 14th century building’s wooden roof which was undergoing restoration works expected to finish by the end of the year. Authorities are investigating the incident.

EU migration chief threatens consequences for not hosting refugees

The European Union’s top migration official on Tuesday warned member states against failing to host refugees and help alleviate the pressure on countries like Greece and Italy, which have borne the brunt of arrivals across the Mediterranean. Dimitris Avramopoulos was speaking in Poland, whose euroskeptic government rejects a mandatory quota agreed on by EU leaders […]

Energy minister to join Greek negotiating team in Brussels

Energy and Environment Minister George Stathakis will join the Greek negotiating team in Brussels, ministry sources told the Athens-Macedonian news Agency on Tuesday (21/03/2017), without specifying the date. Stathakis is currently in Berlin where he participated in the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017, presenting the Greek government’s strategy for the transition to a new energy […]

Fifth annual ‘Navarino Challenge’ this Oct.

The fifth annual “Navarino Challenge” will again take place this October in the extreme southwestern prefecture of Messinia, with distance races, TaeKwonDo and boccia competitions, among others, scheduled. The Navarino Challenge has been honored with a Grand Ermis award in the production category for best sports tournament in Greece. The venue’s host, The Westin Resort […]

Weather forecast: Mostly fair

Mostly fair weather and winds from variable directions are forecast for Wednesday. Wind velocity will reach 6 on the Beaufort scale. Scattered clouds in the northern and western parts of the country with temperatures ranging from 04C to 21C. Mostly fair in the eastern parts with temperatures between 09C and 21C. Cloudy with a chance […]

Schauble threatens Greece: No cash without IMF

Athens is feeling the pressure rising after the EuroGroup meeting failed to produce any results, with talks continuing in Brussels between Greece and its lenders. Speaking at the sidelines of the EcoFin, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble said the successful conclusion of talks was totally dependent upon Athens implementing the measures, implying that the IMF […]