Turkish fishermen fire shots against Greeks inside Greek territorial waters!

13 August 2018

An average of 30 Turkish fishermen come every day in such a threatening way in the Greek territorial water, says Mr. Kostas Tsiftis.

This is a behavior that has never been recorded before, at least with this intensity.

The incident with the Turkish fishermen who fired against their Greek colleagues off the shores of Leros was described by one of the fishermen who were there on Sunday morning, Kostas Tsiftis.

“Around 8:30 we saw two Turkish fishing ships approaching our nets. I informed the president of the local fishermen association and I got the port authority that told me ‘I’m sending a patrol vessel’. I went myself there to my nets. Right there the shots were fired. It was a total of six. They were not straight shots, but they fired nonetheless. The two were single shots and the four were a burst”.

According to him, “it is the first year that Turkish fishing ships are so threatening near the Greek coasts”.

As he said on ANT1 television since July 15, “around 30 boats come every day”.

In his estimation, the Turks “want to cause an incident” while in the question of whether he is afraid of what will happen from now on, he answers: “What should I be afraid of? Whatever will be, will be. Let them sink me, I will do everything to protect my tools”.

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