Why do men want a larger penis?

10 January 2018

They are healthy, they have a great job, a nice car and the woman of their dreams standing right next to them… but none of this will make them happy unless they also manage to get a bigger penis. Then they can feel successful… This is the outcome of Andrology Institute’s new research carried out on a population of 1000 men.

Penis size affects all aspects of everyday life and, as a keyword, it ranks among the top 3 searches on Google.

“Just do a quick search online and you’ll see that the most popular blogs and websites are those promising more sex and a bigger penis” explains Konstantinos Konstantinidis, MD, PSC, PhD, urologist – andrologist, president at International Andrology and Director of the Sexual Medicine Clinic in Athens Medical Centre.

“During our research, we asked men whether they are happy with their penis size, and we were surprised to find out that eight out of ten men where not satisfied. When asked if they would ever take a pill for risk-free penis enlargement, if such pill ever existed, everyone said “yes” without even hesitating.

The situation is the same in many other countries where men share the same worries. Germany ranks first in surgical penis enlargement followed by the UK, based on data from a research published in The Guardian.

According to Dr. Konstantinidis, penis enlargement surgeries in Greece were first performed in 1990 by the doctors of Andrology Institute. Nowadays, there is plenty of data coming from parameter analysis on what makes men seek information on the particular surgical procedure.

“As we recently wrote in one of our posts, there are, unfortunately, no magic pills or creams to make a man’s penis larger. The only realistic solution to this problem is a minor surgical procedure that comes with different names such as lengthening, thickening, phalloplasty or penis augmentation. Around the world, the coined term is “penis enlargement”.

The technique involves a small incision at the base of the penis, with dissection of the suspensory ligament, and thickening, along with liposculpture (subcutaneous fat infusion).

The duration of the procedure is approximately forty minutes and hospital stay is only half a day”, explains the president of International Andrology and Director of the Sexual Medicine Clinic in Athens Medical Centre.

Our experience from Greece and abroad has showed that this method is safe and has no severe complications

The patient can go home on the same day and be back to work the next day. Patients can also travel abroad on the same day.

According to the specialists, problems may appear only in terms of expectations – “wishful thinking” – when the patient makes comparisons and…measurements. I.e., 1 cm (0.39 inches) of extra length translates into a 10% larger penis, which is a quite significant result no matter how small the number sounds.

“To see the difference yourself, add 1 cm to your finger and see how it looks longer. This is the same with the penis. If the average length of a flaccid penis is 7 cm (2 inches) and you add 2 or 3 cm of length and girth (i.e. 0.78 to 1.18 inches), the penis will look double in volume and possibly quite monstrous”, describes Dr. Christos Fliatouras, a urologist, andrologist and partner at Andrology Institute.

 Great expectations
The research performed by Andrology Institute aimed at revealing men’s hidden expectations about a larger penis, i.e. their deepest wish. This, of course, is no revelation, as through the ages, all civilizations praised the larger phallus as a symbol of masculinity, the same way voluptuous breasts were the symbol of eroticism and femininity.

*When asked why the want a larger penis, all men said that this is a matter of self-esteem and poise. That, whether admitting to it or not, women, as well as men, always tend to admire those that carry more “assets”. Also, all men thought that their women had previous experiences with larger penises.

When it comes to men and manhood, “to compare is to despair” – everyone knows it. On the other hand, to get away with having a smaller penis would require a thicker wallet, a larger car and a heavier bank account”, adds the doctor.

“Because, money can not only make the world go round, it can also make you prettier, smarter and more privileged”.

*When asked why they wanted a bigger penis, eighth out of ten men replied that they felt ashamed every time they compared themselves to other men in gyms or sex scenes in movies.

*The fear of rejection is another reason why men are desperate to get a larger penis. As Dr. Konstantinidis explains, all men talk about their performance in bed and how they have a big penis and about that time when a woman, a friend or a lover was seduced by their privileged features. It is natural for other men to envy them even if they don’t believe them, as they tend to feel less of a man and fear that their partners will reject them, it they don’t stand up to their expectations.

*Homosexuality also gets into the picture, pushing some men towards getting a larger penis. It’s not easy for men to prove their manhood and stand up to expectations. To “act like a man” is much more difficult than to “act like a woman”.

“Being masculine is synonymous to being heroic” says the president of International Andrology. “Achilles and Ulises had to prove their strength and might so they turned to their arms and armor.

Wars were always the privilege of men, never of women. There are no women warriors, except for the Amazons…

A penis is for a man what the sword and spear were for ancient warriors. It is ready to fight. “When it comes to homosexuality, gay men admire manhood and everything that symbolizes masculinity. When the female clitoris is finally out of the picture, they become obsessed with inches, centimetres and male anatomy. The bigger the penis the more masculine it looks, and the more hedonic it feels.

Men who love men focus on penis and its size. They will exchange orgasm for a larger penis. Because larger means stronger, and stronger means dominant. Same as with money and wealth that bring strength, power, vigour and masculinity” adds the doctor.

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