Two AK-47s and 100.000€ in Roupa’s hideouts

Assault rifles, guns, hand grenades and ammunition were hidden in Roupa’s hideouts. And not only that, as underneath her 6-year-old child’s mattress she had hidden 100.000€.

What troubles the Greek authorities is the fact that among the 10 fake IDs they found, there are two with the photos of two so far unknown males. It is believed that they could be people helping Roupa and her 25-year-old female accessary.
Some of the weapons were found in Roupa’s placein Ilioupoli and others in the 25-year-old’s house in Mesogia.

The volume of findings, data and evidence found so far are enormous and it may take up to one month before everything is checked out in detail and catalogued accordingly.

Right now the police lads are trying to see if the weapons found were used in any known attack on targets like the Israeli embassy, New Democracy’s offices etc.

According to sources, there might be another hideout in Mesogia and the authorities are looking for any evidence that would help them find it.

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