Democratic Alignment brings Gerovasili’s case in the Parliament

Democratic Alignment’s MPs have brought the case of minister Olga Gerovasili in the Parliament with an official question they submitted today.

In their question they are asking for all the relevant documents and contracts that the minister have signed with the State and they ask the ministers of Health and Economics if these contracts will be canceled or not.

The Parliamentary question is signed by Andreas Loverdos, Evi Christofilopoulou, Vasilis Kegeroglou and Giannis Koumoutsakos.
In the question they call the case as a major moral, political and legal issue.

On a statement earlier to ALPHA Radio, Andreas Loverdos said that it is quite strange that since the issue became public, no action of any kind was taken by anyone. “From my experience it is a paradox and it can not be explained in simple terms”.

According to him, the violation of the incompatibility on behalf of minister Gerovasili has first and foremost a political significance that the Prime Minister pretends it doesn’t see.

As he points out, “it is completely incompatible for a minister to participate in a company that works with the State”.

He also added that the administrations of organizations that will not claim the return of the money they gave these past three years, will face legal problems since the law for cases like these is clear.

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