New Democracy leads Syriza by 16 points in new opinion poll

The gap between the political parties of New Democracy and Syriza is widening according to an opinion poll conducted by the University of Macedonia on behalf of Skai TV.

In the new survey, the opposition party is leading the governing party by 16 points, with 32% to 16% respectively.
In a recent survey, New Democracy achieved a double score after shooting into the lead with 30% in terms of voting intention, compared to Syriza’s 15%. The results of the new survey have also recorded a double score, with 32% for ND, compared to 16% for Syriza, while the extremist party, Golden Dawn, ranks third with 8%.

The Communist party, KKE registered 6%, the Democratic Coalition Party got 5,5%, and both the Central Union Party and Zoe Konstantopoulou’s new party, Plefsi Eleftherias, managed to garner 3%, the threshold for a parliamentary presence. According to the opinion poll, the political parties Anexartiti Ellines and Potami will be “out” of parliament.

The survey profiles the general pessimism of the Greeks. Approximately 9 out of 10 respondents declared themselves dissatisfied with the government’s performance, with 51% of respondents responding “no” to the prospect of early elections. When asked, 64% of New Democracy supporters said “yes” to early elections in contrast to 66% of SYRIZA voters who said “no.”

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