Ben’s mum Kerry hopes digger driver is “burning in hell”

Ben Needham’s mum has said she hopes digger driver Konstantinos ‘Dino’ Barkas is “burning in hell” as the search for her son comes to a halt, reported Mirror Online.

Kerry, 43, was seen clinging to her mother on Monday at the site on Kos where her son vanished 25 years ago.

She was speaking as the police search for her son ended in failure, despite an exhaustive search of the area in which officers fear he was killed by a digger in 1991.
Kerry said: “I’d tear up the whole island to find him. I can’t say goodbye until I know where he is.”

Detectives fear the 21-month-old was killed under the tracks of a mechanical digger, operated by Dino, who died last year.

They believe Ben’s body was then removed from the farmhouse in Iraklis and taken to a fly-tipping site.

After Kerry left Kos, she said she would not return to the island again unless her son is found.

But she said new information about Dino has come forward since the new search began.

Kerry, of Sheffield, added: “People who live in the area have been coming day by day and have confirmed that the number two area was where Dino was always bringing things from Iraklis just after Ben went missing.

“It can’t have been from another job because he was only working on that site.

“One man has taken a secret to his grave. Police believe that.


“They know enough information to know that happened. Someone else has come forward who was a teenager working for Dino.

“He learnt about Ben and asked Dino a few times and he kept saying, ‘No not possible’ but then in 2012 this person asked Dino about it again and he admitted to him in 2012: ‘I don’t know for sure but yes it’s possible.’

“Dino knew. Of course he knew. I hope he’s burning in hell.”


Clutching her parents Christine and Eddie Needham, Kerry said South Yorkshire Police “know he’s dead but just can’t find him.”

She added: “Police said it’s time we ended our 25-year search. They are right but I can’t say goodbye knowing he’s still on that island somewhere. I feel physically sick. I can’t feel any worse than I do.


“He didn’t leave Kos, he didn’t walk away…somebody didn’t take him, so he’s here -somewhere.

“They believe he is there but they can’t dig in everyone’s gardens or homes that have been built over the years. I want to tear up the whole island to find him.

“Someone knows where he is. For God’s sake help me find him. We know he’s dead but we need to find him. When someone dies you find a special place.

“Please let me say goodbye to my son. I can’t leave him there on that island. I need to find him.

“I need to take him somewhere he can be at peace and I can be at peace and grieve for him and somewhere I can remember him.”

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