Courts sentence father of Ani and his friend to life imprisonment

The Criminal Courts of Athens have issued life imprisonment sentences to Stanislav Bakardjiev and Nikolai Ahmedov, for the gruesome murder of four-year old Ani Borisova while the mother Dimitrina Borisova was given a six-year sentence.

In the Tuesday court session, the father of the child, Stanislav Bakardjiev, along with his friend Nikolai Ahmedov, received life sentences for murdering the child and then cutting up and disposing of the body. Bakardjiev admitted to cutting his daughter’s body, but denied the murder charge.

The mother of the child was given a six-year sentence for endangering her child, although there was disagreement among the judges, with two suggesting that she be found innocent of the charge. Eventually she was only absolved of the perjury charge against her.

The apartment owner, where the heinous crime took place, was given a 12-month sentence for perjury.

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