Beware of ‘cheap’ fuel: Consumers ‘scammed’ by petrol stations, study shows

According to a study conducted by the Athens Polytechnic, petrol stations in Attica short change consumers to the tune of 14.5%. The findings, which were based on sampling 150 stations across Attica and presented at an event organised by the Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association, revealed that one on six pumps pumped 14.5% less fuel into vehicles, with some stations “skimming” up to 9.5% of petrol consumers paid for. In an one instance presented, a client who paid 50 Euros worth of petrol to fill their tank with 34.65 litres at cost of 1.444 Euros per litre, actually got 31.36 litres, meaning they were scammed by 4.75 Euros. The study was carried out in 150 petrol stations across Attica using a “secret car” that was specially designed to calculate the real volume of fuel pumped into the tank in retrospect. During the presentation it was noted that all the discrepancies were recorded on the special inflow-outflow systems installed in stations, many of them were non-operational despite positive steps made, as the legal framework had yet to be finalised. As the President of the Association, Yiannis Aligizakis stressed, despite the fact that the system had been installed in 99% of the petrol stations, the data collected was not processed and assessed, while he added that the system software installed had not received official certification yet. The Association called for a revision of the tax framework on petrol claiming that any increase in taxes would be ineffective as consumption would be adversely impacted.

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